1st Show

Well tonight was the first Love Songs concert and it went fairly well considering.  

I think the mammals behaved themselves nicely and the flying only had a minor glitch.  :)

First let me send apologies to Rae and Evan...I totally forgot to sing Happy Birthday, which I meant to do.  So...Happy Birthday!

Gerry Steichen played tonight on the fly and he was amazing given that we had such short rehearsal time.

We've got so much planed for next week not to mention having both Jenny Powers AND Mark McVey as guests.  I'm very excited about it.

See you there!


andrew said…
It really was a blast !!!! The "flying" (or attempted "flying", was very funny")

(Birthday wishes to Rae/Evan!!!)

Loved the set list, and looking forward to next Saturday, Feb 7th-
(happens to be my birthday-- wouldnt want to be anywhere else!)

Rae said…
Hi James,

Your show was great, as usual. We had a wonderful time. Hope your back is feeling better.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.
Thank you, Andrew, too! Happy Birthday to you on 2/7.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Rae & Evan
Artistic1 said…
Can those who get to go to each concert share the song set list with us...?
Happy birthday, Rae and Evan...I'm not sure, is it "both" your birthdays...?
...and also Happy birthday to you, Andrew :)
Artistic1 said…
Rae and Evan, you'll just have to attend on another night, and make sure get your Happy Birthday song :)
Lauren Yarger said…
Gerry Steichen! He's terrific. Worked with him u here in Hartford.
Corine said…
The concert was incredible. Check out my review and Maryann Lopinto's photo coverage.

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