Smelling The Metaphorical Roses

I realized today, as I walked the Uppa Baby (Range Rover) Stroller through the remaining remnants of snowy, slushy and sometimes icy paths in the park that I haven't been taking the time to smell the roses.

So I did...metaphorically...because I couldn't find any roses in the park at that moment.

He were are in a very difficult and trying economical times for many of us, war blazing through Gaza, questions of what will happen in the future.  Will the market be better? Will the housing market rebound? Will Obama be the change to make the changes we can believe in?  Will there be more bailouts to bailout the bailouts?  Will the wars ever stop...forever?

As my mind raced with thoughts and concerns I looked down and saw these two little eyes peering back at me from beneath the warm blanket that covered the stroller.  Just looking at me as I walked.  And as my eyes met hers...she smiled and my heart melted.

That's all it took.  Just one tiny little smile, from one tiny little being...who for all intents and purposes, was just "being" a being.  

And then I realized that the tiny little being I was looking at was not that tiny at all. Her spirit is huge. 

I remembered that tomorrow is another day, that the next hour, the next minute, the next second has yet to be lived and we can create those moments new.

We, as a people, are a powerful and resilient bunch.  Given a task more often that not we rise to the occasion.  Sometimes to just takes something to remind us that we can, even if it's a simple as a smile.

Come and visit at Sardi's, maybe there will be some smiles:  Smiles


Lori said…
Hi James,
I so enjoy reading these posts more than anything. I too appreciate everyday and so many many blessings I have in my life. Every once in a while I fall into the "why me or why didn't I get that" trap. I have a wonderful life and have so very many things to look forward to. NOW I have one more....!! Can't wait,
Lori Ann
andrew said…
That really is a GREAT blog entry !!! We felt the same way from the very first day Keona was born- Truly a blessing !!!

Thanks !

Artistic1 said…
That was a very beautiful post. Yes, when our minds take us to places where it all seems just too complex to understand, the simple things, even if just a smile from a child, will bring us back to the basics of life. This is the balance that we should all try to keep in our lives. Only God knows everything...keep things simple.

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