So here we are...poised on yet another wonderful opportunity to bring in great friends who will sing some great music.

The requests are coming in and I've put out some calls as well. We've already got a couple confirmed guests...I'll tell you in the days to come.  Trust me, they're gonna blow your socks off. Amazing voices, amazing people.

For now, things are going very well.  Jeremy and I have picked a list of songs, some old, some new, a couple never sung in public before and we're seeing what fits best.  

On another note, we got a great reviews form Richmond Shepard from Performing Arts Insider and which should be posted soon.

We really want this to be a special event, and with the Valentine's weekend shows it provides the perfect night out.  Dinner and a romantic evening literally among the stars...of Broadway that is.

Here's the ticket link one again:  Love Songs


Artistic1 said…
Again, an event (a dream world for me) I would love to attend...but, again, there's that "distance" thing.
Artistic1 said…
...well, a dream that can come true is having a "Love Songs" CD to follow this concert :)
andrew said…
Really can not wait for these concerts !!! The "Holiday" concerts @ "Sardi's" spoiled us !!

Rae said…
Hi James,

We look forward to your next concert. I am surprised it isn't posted on Facebook like the last one was.

andrew said…
(Sorry if this is a duplicate--- )

The "guest" suspense is killing us !!! REALLY cant wait to hear the lineup !!!

Andrew & Mei

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