Guest Number 1

So here we no particular order. 

The first guest I'm going to announce is for the February 7th concert and it is...

The incredible Jenny Powers

Jenny is currently originating the role of Gina in "Happiness" Susan Stroman's new musical at Lincoln Centre Theatre.  On Broadway she played Rizzo in "Grease" and Meg in "Little Women."  She has so many more credits incredible credits it wold take the entire blog to share them.

I'm so excited to have Jenny in the line-up.  Jenny played 'Lucy' in many of the Tale Of Two Cities presentations we did over the years.  Not only is she a great friend but she's also an amazing talent who has really taken New York theatre by storm over the past couple of years.  

So grab your tickets to see Jenny on Saturday, February 7th and trust'll love what you hear.

And as always...Click Me...for tickets


Anonymous said…
I so wish I could come to NY to see you and Jenny perform. I had the opportunity to see her multiple times last summer in "Dangerous Beauty" in Chicago. A talented performer and a good swordfighter too!

Artistic1 said…
Wow...swordfighter? And Meg in "Little Women"? I wish I had seen her in that role, as I am a fan of the book and author. And it's nice to know that she was Lucy at one time.

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