J. Mark McVey

So added to the February 7th line-up is one of the greatest voices on the planet...

J. Mark McVey

For those of you who have heard Mark sing...you know what I mean...

For those of you who haven't...you must come and hear him.  

When I was last with him he sang 'Bring Him Home' and I was weeping openly as his voice carried through the hall.

So you're gonna get a double header (well triple header actually).  Jenny Powers, Mark McVey (and me).

BroadwayWorld Story:  Link

And a nice mention at Corine's Corner:  Link

Click the link here for tickets: Tickets


Artistic1 said…
...and he was also part of the very first cast readings for Tale, was he not? Truly, this night should be something to see/hear. Not that if you did these concerts all by yourself it would not be...your talent alone is worth it.
But it is a good thing, what you are doing, sharing the stage with these other great performers.

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