How I Prepared for A Tale of Two Cities

Edin has been doing a great job helping me get my blog rolling, and she may show up time to time whenever I am swamped but want to tell everyone about some exciting parts of the show. However I thought I would go ahead and try to take this over first hand.

So, last night, as I came out of the stage door, I was met by an interesting question, one which I get quite frequently: "How old are you?"

Don't know why it's such a big question that people have and I'm always rather surprised when people ask it. I sometimes respond with "How old are YOU?" Believe it or not the folks that ask me are hesitant to answer that one. Be that as it may, I usually always answer and often-times people are surprised to find out that I am as old as I am.

The next question that follows is "What do you eat?"

So I decided to dedicate these next few blogs to how I prepped physically for TALE this go round.

Let me start by saying that I've dropped over 27 pounds for A TALE OF TWO CITIES. When I came back to NY before rehearsal I was 6'3" and fluctuated between 226 & 227 lbs. I'm now stable at 199-200 lbs.

In looking at the show and the novel I wanted to make some changes physically to become more "Carton-esque." There is a spoken line within the show that the character of Lucy has; "We've got to fatten you up Mr. Carton, you're not eating enough." Plus given Carton's propensity for Drink I wanted to shed the pounds and become more physically in tune with Carton.

I'm already pretty healthy when it comes to my daily life, I exercise almost everyday, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't even take aspirin. Aside from a bout of food poisoning a couple of years ago, I haven't been sick once in almost 6 years.

So where did I start for TALE? Well, I was referred to a great person in Los Angeles named Phil Goglia. Phil runs a company called Performance Fitness Concepts in Venice, California ( and he is the guy responsible for helping me get into shape for this role. I had consulted with Phil once before on another project and saw how fast and how well his program worked... so calling him up for help with dropping weight for TALE was a no-brainer. So what did he do for me and in turn what did I do for myself?

Well it all starts with a consult and then food. What kind and how much. I never thought I'd say this but I increased my calories almost by half and started dropping weight in a HEALTHY way almost immediately.

I'll leave it here for now and continue with this prep-program over the next couple of days. Nutrition, overall physical and spiritual health are vital components to my life and therefore become an integral part of my working world as well.


jiujiu said…
hello there! I just found this blog, what a surprise it was for me to read it! Thank you, it is nice and interesting to read about how an artist like you would prepare for this kind of show, and thank you for the link( I should really do something about my diet - well, I've been on diet all my life, any advice is welcome!)
Thanks to Edin for running this blog from the beginning and for posting the previous news.
Keep up the good job!
Erica said…
Hi! I'm a high school honors English teacher and I teach "A Tale" to my students - and I love musicals, so not only am I excited that there's a musical of a novel that I teach, but that it's of "A Tale", one of my favorite books. I love the concept recording CD and can't wait for the Broadway cast recording CD comes out. I hope to come to NY within the next few months just to catch a performance. But I love that you're writing from the actor's perspective, and I hope to share some of your entries with my students.

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