Tom Cavanagh

What a delight when I got a message from my dear old friend Tom Cavanagh with whom I did Urinetown on Broadway a few years back.  Tom..also famous for his role as 'Ed' on the TV series 'ED' and his upcoming new series "Trust Me."  Tom and Sarah Chalke and I also did a movie together called 'Alchemy' which was a total blast. 

So fun to work with friends...and I had that pleasure again tonight when Tom and his wife came by the concert. Tom popped up onstage to help out with the 12 Days Of Christmas (he was the partridge in a pear tree).

My good buddy Marc Kudisch came by too.  Marc sang a couple of tunes and we had some laughs.  I've known him for over 16 years.  Again, great to share time with friends.

We've only got two shows left on The Holiday Concert but glad to say we're not wrapping things up forever.  And there's a future ahead.

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Natalie and Kevin Earley tomorrow night.  So if you want to stop by for he last bit of Holiday here:  HERE


Artistic1 said…
Tom was also in a cool Christmas movie called "Snow 2: Brain Freeze", which I happened to catch around...I guess I can now say "last Christmas" (2008). I was not aware he apparently had done the original, back in 2004 (hope I can rent the video to see it).
I'm so glad for you, that your concerts were such a success, as well as well received, and enjoyed.
By the way...thank you for including "Ave Maria" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (which I heard was sung beautifuly by Michael Hayward-Jones)in your concerts...wish I had been fortunate enough to have the blessing of seeing it happen.
Paladino2 said…
I'm so mad i missed the concert on Jan 2nd I really wanted to get tickets for my girlfriend and I. we saw tale and loved it and are also fans of marc kudisch.

What did you guys sing?
and is there any chance that you will be making a CD of this concert like you did last time?

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