Bull Riding, Dog Shows and Eating Sticks

What is the purpose of Bull Riding?

I just saw a commercial for it on ESPN...I've never been one for that sport. I always worry about the Bull.  Poor thing getting those spikes stuck into it's side.  

But...I did see the Kennel Show today for a bit while I was taking a break from work.  That I think is fun.  

To watch all the dogs parading around the ring makes me smile.  
They are so well cared for and it's wonderful to see all of the different breads.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a show of rescue dogs?   Give those pups that have been though rough patches a chance to shine.  

All I know is that my dogs are connoisseurs of bark and sticks.  That seems to be their main focus on our walks thought the parks.  

Many a time have I found that one or both of them have been hiding a small stick in their mouth on the journey home.  Only to drop it happily on the kitchen floor as a present to me.   I'm so proud.

By the way....Playbill.com ran a story about Constantine today.  Here it is:  C's Story

And here's the link for tickets.  Tickets  They are seriously going fast. 


Artistic1 said…
Well, about bull riding...it is suppossed to be an endurance sport, and it does take skill to be on top of that bull for so long. However, the spur thing is really cruel, not to mention how annoyed the bulls must feel having someone on their back and having to work on shaking them off :)
I love your idea of having that dog show for the mistreated ones. It breaks my heart to see any animal abused.
Jason M. said…
I move to one of the most populated cities in the world, and two weeks later I bump into my favorite singer of all time.

It was good meeting you, I'm definitely gonna try and make it to Sardi's one of these days.

My bro and I recorded Lily's Eyes on our computer recently and put it on YouTube; we'd be honored to know you checked it out.
Rae said…
Hi James!

So, who will be with you on 2/14?
Evan and I will step in and sing if you need us. Just kidding!

andrew said…
Just got home from the show, and all I can say is.... Watch out for Morgan James !!!!!

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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