Morgan on FOX and McVey in Studio

Saturday number 2.

Morgan james did the Strategy Room on FOX today and talked up the show.  Looks like she'll be back on next week too.

Mark McVey stopped by the studio today to run some stuff.  Here are a couple of shots.

Mark running down a medley he has planned for the night.

Jeremy looking over one of my tunes.

The very console where many of Linda Eder's CD's were mixed and where Jeremy makes his magic.  

(Yes, that is a Lava Lamp in the background..and that pile of paper you see on the end of the console is my entire set list for the evening).

Check out this hallway...just a portion of what's hanging in the studio.

Click here to see a man try to fly...(beleive it or not it happens in my show):  Tickets


Rae said…
Hi James!

Hope all is well. Thanks for sharing the "behind the scenes".

We look forward to seeing your show again on Valentine's Day!!

See you then.

Rae & Evan

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