Morgan Work Session

So today was a busy day.  I found myself running all over the city and rushed back to Jeremy's studio by 5 pm to have a work session with Morgan James.  

She's picked some pretty cool tunes. 

And oh...we've decided to try and do a photo journal of the concerts.  So here's our first go at it.  You get to catch us at work behind the scenes.  Hope you like it...let me know.

In the photo below, Morgan and Jeremy were running a Blues tune here.  This song is gonna kick know what!

Below Morgan sitting at the sound console.  This studio is the same studio where Frank Wildhorn does most of his work with Jeremy.  It's also where we recorded the Dracula CD.

Learning a potential duet with me...?

Can't wait to see you all there...


Artistic1 said…
The video journal is a cool idea.
It"ll be fun to see the preparation steps, and will add to the concerts. And I must say you do very well with a camera :)
Artistic1 said…
...correcting myself to say photo journal, although perhaps the video idea is not so bad, after all.
Dave said…
Morgan is a powerhouse of soul. We worked together once on a tour in Taiwan. It's really nice to see her receive more and more accolades, she absolutely deserves it. I'm so glad she's singing with you!

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