Friends and Family Discount

So we've only got a few seats left for the remaining two performances...

To that end, I'm going to extend the "Friends and Family" discount to the blog readers.  

This was a discount that was sent out a while ago to those who singed up for my newsletter.  It's one of the perks that ya get (geez now I sound like a frequent flyer card).

The discount is $10 off the regular $45 ticket price.  

Pretty good deal considering you still get a show and some dinner for $60 including the Sardi's minimum.

All you have to do is click the link HERE 

Or go to and enter in the code: HEART when ordering and you'll get the "Friends and Family" discount.  


dancesingact said…
You could make a punch card! 10th show is free:) You need to get people together and do a show at Ferguson Center for the Arts in's one of the top performing arts centers in America..the sound is out of this world!
Artistic1 said…
We are missing the behind the scenes photo captures. Hope you will decide to continue until your last show...and great to see you will be reprising your role as Rutledge in 1776...nobody can sing "Molasses to Rum" like you do.

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