Kerry O'Malley

So the incredible Kerry O'Malley will be my guest on March 7th.

Kerry most recently starred in the Broadway run of "White Christmas" and little known fact...she and I did our first Broadway show together..."Cyrano, The Musical".

In the show, I got blown up by some sort of exploding projectile and she lived a long and happy life.  Just another notch in the life of the D.B.G. (Dark Brooding Guy).

Anyway, Kerry is going to light up the stage...or floor and you're in for a special treat when she sings.  

We've known each other for a very long time and as I continue on with this series I realize just how nice it is to have such great friends.  

It's really an honor to know so many wonderful people, who also just happen to be incredibly talented.

So swing by on March 7th for a night of song and laughter.

Click the artwork below for the link to tickets.


Artistic1 said…
This is really a great way to project your guests to the future audience. Great idea, I love it!

Ok, not pretending to monopolize the song suggestions, but "It's a Wonderful World" always brings tears to my eyes, such a beautiful and redeeming song...and sung by you...well, I think you would give Louis Armstrong a run for his money :)
Artistic1 said…
Ooops, confused again! That should be, actually, "What a Wonderful World". I think there shoould be an "edit" option...

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