We're Extending!

We're extending...it's official.

You guys have been so very supportive and the shows have been such fun tat we're extending LOVE SONGS through March 28th.

There will be some different content, new songs (as well as some of the current selections) and by the way...give some suggestions and I'll see what we can do about putting them in.

We've already got three stellar guests lined up and I'll announce them very soon.  

Here are a couple of stories on the extension.

It's still going to be every Saturday night and one Sunday on March 15th.  Come on down, have some fun, meet the new guests and send some song suggestions.


Artistic1 said…
Making Love out of Nothing at All, by Air Supply...
andrew said…
Such great news !!!!

Got tix for a few dates (so far!)

Would love to hear - "This Is The Moment" !!!

andrew said…
Just thought of a few more....

"When I Look At You" , "Where's the Girl"--- basically, ANYTHING from "The Scarlet Pimpernel"-

Such an amazing score !!!

Anonymous said…
Hmm....song suggestions. Maybe this it a bit out of left field but I'd LOVE to hear you rock "Strongest Man in the World". I know it's not from the greatest show in the world but there's something about that song that I love.

I had a lot of fun on Saturday night and I'm looking forward to see what and who else you have waiting for us

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