Special Guest

So we're going to have a surprise special guest tonight. 

In addition to Laura, Paige and Patrick there will be a performance by a friend who will blow your socks off.  And it's someone who you wold not normally see.  So those of you who are coming tonight are in for a great treat.

Remember that that HEART discount is still available for the last two shows so take advantage of that when you can.

See you there.


Alyssa said…
Oh, can't wait! I'll be there!
andrew said…
Wow... you werent joking, James !!! That Italian/English version of "Knights In White Satin" blew us away !!!

Did the "Moody Blues" proud !!!

Excellent show !!!

All of the guests were great !!!

Cant wait to hear the song list for the March shows !!!

Thanks again,

Andrew & Mei

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