Now that was a show...

I'm not talking about me...I'm talking about Morgan and Constantine.  I could have just sat there for hours listening to them both sing their you know what's off.

I mean holy mackerel!

For those of you who came, you know what I mean.  

So we have some last minute guests for tonight.  

The amazing Broadway legend Lee Roy Reams will be with me tonight as will the incredible Tim Shew. 

Tim and I are going to try our hand at "Lilly's Eyes" a duet from The Secret Garden.  

I have't sung that song since I the tour ended back in '92 but what a beautiful tune.  Doug Sills and I used to do it when we toured together in the show.  Now that was a cast...

The National Tour of The Secret Garden:

Doug Sills
Roger Bart
Audra McDonald

I mean come one...what a group.

OK see some of you tonight.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Kathy said…
"Wow" is right!

That show was AWESOME.
Constantine singing Hallelujah took my breath away. Morgan was a gem.

Oh and this guy named James, he was pretty FANTASTIC as well.

Thanks for the amazing show James!
andrew said…
I haven't stopped talking about Morgan all day- simply astounding !!!

Just got tix for "1776" as well for 4/24- What a cast !!!

Thanks James !!!
Artistic1 said…
Happy Valentine's Day (I was on the computer a bit early that day, and you had not written this, so now it's a bit late).
For those who cannot attend your shows, can you give us more of your song choices...?

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