NYC 2009

So some of you know that one of my favorite past times is photography.  Well, I was out with the dogs today and snapped a couple of shot...

Here's one.

There is such beauty in the city and I often forget to just stop and look.  That's what photography does for me.  It forces me to stop and look.


Artistic1 said…
THAT is an amazing shot! It almost looks as if you "painted' the lights...what a great opportunity to have such landscape to your disposal to capture its beauty. Make every effort to stop and archive these shots into photographic memory. I hope you consider making the cover of your upcoming CD's some of these (hopefully with your image as well).
Melissa said…
Now that is art. Beautiful photo Mr. Barbour!
Kathy said…
Very nice. I love the warm golden lanterns in contrast to the icy white snowscape.
Siobhan said…
Love this photo. I dabble in photography and have my own photo blog..your work is much beter than mine !
Rae said…
Great photo. You and Evan have the love for photography in common.
He took some awesome pics during our last snowstorm.
Stay warm and happy!

See you on 2/14!!!

Sally said…
Absolutely beautiful!
I often gave my 3rd grade students pictures to help with ideas for a writing piece. This picture would have been perfect. Don't you just want to know more about the person under that umbrella? I do.
Keep up this hobby. You are very talented in this area, too.

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