Constantine Maroulis

Constantine will be my second guest this Friday night 2/13.

Obviously Constantine brought such power to American Idol, but I think more importantly he's come back to the theatre world. 

He'll be starring on Broadway (again) in "Rock of Ages."  

Having Morgan and Constantine together in one night...stellar. 


This one is selling out's the story on

And as always: Tickets Here


taffy4262 said…
Would have LOVEd to have made the show, but already have plans as a prelude to Constantine's Saturday Performance.

Your show will positively RAWK with your guests there!!! Have a blast!
andrew said…
Wow !!!!!! Amazing !!!

He is so good in "ROA" !!!

Might have to add "Broken Wings" into the set list after last night


Well, see ya Friday night !

Thanks again for such a great show last night (Saturday)- Was the perfect birthday !

Anonymous said…
Is there any possibility that there will be an audio or video recording available of this show? What a delightful Valentine's gift that would be for those of us who live 3000 miles from Sardi's.
Kathy said…
That's awesome news. Constantine is such a cool performer. Glad I picked Valentine's Eve for my husband and I attend. What a great lineup of talent.

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