Cold and Wind

So what happened to the warmth?

I took the dogs out yesterday and realized that winter winds are a blowin'. Geez...even the dogs looked like they were cold and Buddha is a "roll in the snow" kinda guy.

The sky looked gray and the trees had most most of their leaves. There was a peacefulness to to the park though. Kinda quiet. The noise of the city seems to have a muffle on it during the winter time.

There is something about snow in the city too. (Not the after snow, slush and brown dirt colored snow banks left after the plows go through) but the first fall of snow. It creates a blanket over the city and slows everything down a bit.

People actually cross country ski down the streets on Manhattan. It's a cool thing to watch.

Which reminds me...I need new snow boots (the trouble with living in Los winter boots). My first Christmas in LA I played golf on Christmas morning.

That was a weird thing for a New Jersey boy.


Artistic1 said…
Thank you for that beautiful depiction...I could visualize the picture you painted, and wish I was there, too, to see it. My cousin just passed by NYC yesterday, so she must have seen it first hand, also. Must ask her when they return. Where I live, cool winds were also blowing, as early as Sunday morning, I guess preparing us for what is to come: Cold weather, but the warmest time of the year, Christmas.
Artistic1 said…
What did you sing at the Drama League...? How did it go?
KathyP said…
As a fellow Californian, I sympathize with the lack-of-boots. But I found my salvage in the Ugg Boots store in SoHo....I am always amazed to see the long 'cue' that forms outside that place in on weekends--even some weekdays recently!
Lauren said…
Hmm Indeed where did the warmth go James? *grins* Anyway I hope you keep yourself warm!! *hugs him* I'm cold here too in Rhode Island. Keep yourself warm James!!! *smiles*
gerard763 said…
Are you still living in L.A. or are u now living in NYC? Love NYC in the wintertime/autumntime...nothing like it...Christmas to me is cold and crisp not brother lives in Orlando and I won't go to see him around the holidays...I make him come up here...wouldn't seem like Christmas to me....what did you sing at the Drama League?
Gem said…
Living in LA without the changes of seasons must be strange .....though the changes are exciting, I must admit that my dogs are in a hurry to rush back to work on their couch potato skills and the cold wind has caused my horses to be "up in the bridle"

Stay Warm


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