James Barbour Cartoon

By popular request, here is a copy of the cartoon of James Barbour as Sydney Carton by Tim Hartman. We are working on a way to order this on-line, will update when it is done:

Tim Hartman sketch of James Barbour as Sydney Carton


Mond said…
It's awesome! I want one! :D

P.S. My verification word is "dumish"... :P
JoD said…
This is perfect! And a fantastic idea!
I saw The Tale for the fourth time yesterday. I can't seem to stay away. This has happened to me only once before when 1776 was on Broadway in 1997.
Athena said…
Thank you for post the cartoon! Ja, ja, it's funny!
Rae said…
Hi James,

Tim is very talented.
We love our sketch of the main cast members!

Did u get a chance to read Sean's letter?

jiujiu said…
wow, it is truly awesome, I have to say it! ( though I think the model looks better than it :P ) Anyway I agree with the other poster here...I want one too!!! :D

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