Crusty Cristo

Craig has shaved...Gregg has not.

I think Gregg is keeping it for this reading as he's playing 'Faria' the prisoner of The Chateau D'If who teaches 'Dantes' everything that he uses in his new life.

Crusty because it was so dry in the rehearsal space today. I must have gone through two gallons of water.

The music is big and beautiful and did I mention big? Well it's big. By big I not only mean there is a ton of it but I mean big as in sweeping and sincerely moving. And of course Frank has me singing in the stratosphere as only he can get me to sing.

I've been tired to say the least...haven't really had any down time since Tale opened (and closed) and that can be taxing. But I'm always inspired with new work, especially work that has a deep meaning to it.

Holiday songs...I do a Holiday concert every year in Los Angeles at the NOHO Arts Centre It's been great fun. I sang a bunch of tunes "Believe" and "Oh Holy Night" which was my mother's favorite (and one of mine as well).

I'm a huge sucker for Holiday music and yes, I'll confess I was listening to it on my iPod on my way to rehearsal today. There's nothing like Bing or Nat on a crispy morning.

I know, I know, the "official" Holiday Music start date is after Thanksgiving...but I just can't help myself. It always makes me happy.

Anyone know "Aspen Glow"?


Sasha said…
Holiday music just rocks. When the weather starts getting nippy, I always love walking and listening to it. I will confess, I've been listening to it since last week.

Aspen glow is quite lovely.

Will you be heading out to LA to do another Holiday show this year?
Debbie said…
I love Apen Glow, but if you are pulling from John Denver what about "A Baby Just Like You". As a new Dad you'll have trouble not crying through that one! I grew up with this album and the Carpenters ringing through the house! You are showing our age again, I turned 41 last month. Oh well now I have to listen to these albums! Guess Christmas music will start early here.
Sunny hugs from Florida!
Debbie (the doll lady)
P.S. How about a James Barbour Christmas Album PLEASE!
Mond said…
"Laughter is the only sound..." Beautiful lyrics and music.

"Big" is a good word... I think.
OC Fan said…
Regarding the comment about the Holiday Concert. Did I miss it this year? Sure hope not. Last year was wonderful and I was looking forward to this year.
Artistic1 said…
LA...? Can you video tape your performance for us to see, and it here? I think most of us won't make it there, so this alternative will be really great.
Then again, a Christmas CD would be amazing, too!
Tootles said…
Aspenglow...John Denver, right? Love him! He also did the lovely "Please, Daddy, Don't Get Drunk this Christmas"...Always a crowd pleaser and a true holiday favorite! LOL!!!
Rae said…
Hi James,

I love holiday music too. "White Christmas" is one of my favorites!

jiujiu said…
I love Monte Cristo ( well, I love a lot of novels, that's why I'm always excited when one becomes a musical, it thrills me!) and to hear that the music is " big" makes me quite impatient to know more! Mr Wildhorn is such a great composer, I can't wait! a question: who is playing Mercedes?
Ahhh, I want to hear you singing those christmas song, oh please! *_____*

ohh..john denver!!
Heidi said…
I was sorry to hear about the closing, but how wonderful that you're moving right on to another great literary adaptation! Best wishes for continued success. And enjoy the holiday music. :)
KathyP said…
...on hydration....

just curious if you have tried coconut water?? I am addicted to it for optimal hydration. Especially with all the winter heaters kicking in making things extra crusty...
Organic Avenue on Stanton has the best freshly bottled in my opinion. I go through at least two bottles a day. My sister is a singer and she says it really helps her vocally.

for those "crusty cristo" rooms it might be helpful!
webbrl said…
My buddy, Beantown, the one who turned me on to your work, mentioned this post to me. She knows I love Christmas music...even made me a great mix disc once. But I couldn't think of any suggestions.

Then, this morning, as I was driving to work listening to the "White Christmas" soundtrack (re-released last year with a special limited edition DVD of the Bing Crosby/Danny Kaye movie), I skipped to 'Count Your Blessings,' one of my all-time favorites. Even put it in a Slytherin fanfic once. "Great song," I thought, "but not just anybody can sing it. It has to be performed by someone who can make his voice so warm, it'll melt your socks into a woolen puddle around your fee..."


James, I think you should add 'Count Your Blessings' to your holiday repertoire.

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