Turkey Overload

What a meal...I'm still recovering.

I ate so much it was scary.  Turkey, stuffing, two different kinds of cranberry sauce (of course), veggies, spinach salad with pears, goat cheese and walnuts, muffins and breads, mashed potatoes (didn't have any of those), a chocolate torte and 6 different kinds of pie.  (Apple being my favorite).

I sat frozen in a carbohydrate, L-tryptophan stupor. Wonderful meal, wonderful family.  The baby was in heaven and the dogs got to run like crazy. It was overall a tremendous day.

We're back home and I'm already fast at work on the concert.  The guests are lining up and I'll be announcing them one at a time as we get closer to the event.

Hope you all had a great Holiday.  And now, since Thanksgiving has passed it's officially Christmas music playing time!

We've got some new artwork for the concert coming today.  The poster is going to be really nice, can't wait until it's finished.  It should be up on the smarttix site later this afternoon.

And while you're there...don't forget to get you tickets. We've already come close to selling out the premium seats on the 12/28 show.  So very excited.


Sasha said…
Woo, 12/28, that's my birthday show. Yay.
Rae said…
Hi James,

We are glad you had a great Thanksgiving. It is truly about family and friends.
We are looking forward to seeing you on your opening night!

jiujiu said…
I'm glad to know you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving day! :) Such a thing doesn't exist in Italy, so christmas music playing time has started more than a week ago :P as I wrote before, I wish you will make a cd out of this concert, I would be on line to buy it! Wish you all the best!
cliff26 said…
Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. The poster looks great.

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