A New Day

Well what a day...

Emotions were high to say the least. it was a truly beautiful show with a sold out crowd.

Still amazes me that I'll not be on the stage of the Hirschfeld Tuesday night...dressing room empty, no music to fill the hall, no audience in the seats.

That said, I'm always looking forward and not back. Faith Prince told me once..."just keep walking." I keep her words with me often. There is always another door to open and eventually you'll come out of the tunnel and into the light of another day.

I wanted to address some questions about the CD. I do think the producers are working on it but it's incredibly expensive to record...we're talking in the 100's of thousands of dollars. There are unions to deal with and although we all want the Broadway cast saved on digital media forever, it's simply a money factor. But rest assured that the Tale team is working on it.

I'll talk more about our last day later...been a long one today and I've got rehearsal in the morning for Monte Cristo.

I am grateful.


Mond said…
It is a new day indeed. As they say in Sunday in the Park with George, "White. A blank page or canvas. The challenge? Bring order to the whole. Through design, composition, balance, light and harmony."

And as a friend of mine would say, there isn't a more balanced and ordered thing than a white canvas.

We can either leave it white or grab the color palette... our canvas, our choice.

Great week for you and your loved ones.
Lauren said…
Congrats James for taking the role of the Count of Monte Cristo! You'll be great in it. I do hope there will be a Broadway CD of Tale I would by it. I hope everything is well with you and your family *smiles* Take Care James

- Lauren
Artistic1 said…
If my idea that having us all send money in advance to "foot the bill", so to speak, for the recording of this so wanted CD, could be an avenue, I am willing to do it...and I am sure everyone else here, and that has witnessed Tale, will pitch in on this also.
Hope the producers consider it. Better than not having a recording at all. I guess the "live" option is gone now.
Athena said…
Monte Cristo... another character so interesting ;)
We are lucky because you will be him.
Rae said…
Hi James,

I hope there is a CD some day. The fans deserve that much. You have so many fans! The lyrics and music are so special.

Good luck with Monte Cristo.

gerard763 said…
I cannot imagine what you are going through...I am so angry at myself for not seeing more of the A Tale of Two Cities performances...I loved your performance so very much. The cast itself outdid themselves...but you really brought such a yearning, sensuality, and strength to the part of Sydney...that you blew me away. Let me say, I expect to see you on the Tony Awards making us all proud!!
catcat7 said…
Hey- I just wanted to say I was in the first row of the closing show. I LOVED Tale and it is one of my favorite musicals of all time. Your performance along with the rest of the AMAZING cast has touched my heart and all of you put on an amazing show!
Caitlynn said…
Congratulations on the Count of Monte Cristo! Another amazing character!

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