Interviews and sing-a-long

The Sunday Salon was amazing. Such a great idea and Valerie Smaldone does a fantastic job. You guys should check out her show.

TheatreMania will be posting a link to the interview (it's video!) and I'll make sure that it goes up here as well. We talked about all sorts of things from theatre, to life, to babies and even diapers.

I'm going to be at the Drama League tomorrow night. Laura Benanti is hosting and I'll be singing!


Mond said…
Isn't the internet the best thing in the world after theatre? Yay! I will be able to see the video... love it, love it, love it!
gerard763 said…
Once again James, I read this too late to go...would have loved to have seen the interview. Big fan here and trying to keep up with your career as it climbs to the top...thanks for the is holding us over til you in another show...gerard
Artistic1 said…
There is something I would like to know, which has not been made clear to me from the people I have asked: Will Tale have a chance to be nominated for the Tonys, considering it closed so prematurely...? It really deserves multiple nominations for its brilliance in so many different categories...starting, of course, with your outstanding performance.

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