Last Show

Today will be a difficult day...

There is no way around that. Many of us have worked long and hard to get Tale to Broadway and to have it close so soon is disheartening to say the least.

I began working on the show in 2004. Knowing that the message of love and hope was so important to us in our world today, it quickly became the driving factor in my professional life to see this show come to life.

In spite of all this we did it. We did what thousands of people only try to do...we got a show to Broadway and we got a good great show to Broadway.

We are all extremely proud of the work we are doing on that stage and there is no question of our devotion to the piece. Our audiences have been nothing short of stellar and to me that is the true test of our show. So thank you all for your support and commitment to Tale.

There is much more ahead and much more to discuss, much more to see and much more hear.

Keep your eyes peeled for some fun and interesting news in the next couple of days.

And remember that Tale teaches us to look beyond the immediate, to look beyond self and to know that there is a larger purpose for life. No matter what you believe in terms of "spirituality" or even if you don't believe in "spirituality" at all...I truly believe that life is bigger than the individual and as a collective we can reach much greater heights.


Athena said…
Beautiful words..., but I'm so sad! Why they didn't make a DVD? I'm from Spain and I can't go to NY to see the great show! I don't have words to say how I feel. It's like people who lived during the great years of Maria Callas and Giuseppe di Stefano, knew they existed and couldn't saw them never! Sometimes, if you don't know, you are more happy. But I know "A tale..." is there and I'm here, so far... I'm crying!!!
johanna c said…
James, I was in your matinee audience on Saturday (had a marvelous seat in the mezzanine). What a grand production! I was stirred by the story and performances. But, nothing moved me more than your voice and your performance. What a gift you are! I was saddened to hear you say that Sunday evening's would be the last show. I feel so lucky to have experienced it. Looking very forward to where you will pop up next on Broadway, and will watch for your upcoming projects. Best wishes to you and the great cast of TOTC.
Artistic1 said…
What a powerful message, the last words on your's something that I picked up last week, and is now one for my "quotes to live by collection";I also think it relates to the inconceivable way the critics received Tale on Broadway:
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"
------Albert Einstein
Artistic1 said…
...just another comment: Tale will be always remain in the hearts of those who really loved its message and the absolute greatness of the artistic experience that all of you provided (all the company included, Jill, producers...ALL). And, in special, your amazing performance and songs, graciousness with your fans, and the time you put in for the causes of those in need. Remember that, the shortest of lives can somtimes make the most profound impact on those it comes in contact with. Tale might not have lasted all we know it deserved, but it made a great imprssion on SO many lives.
You should all be proud, and remain couragious for a bright future (and we all hope a tour!).
Caitlynn said…
Hi James, I wish you and all the rest of the cast good luck with the last show. I hope it is just as wonderful as all the others that have come before it.
Mond said…
As you sing your heart out today, I think of Sydney and the impact he had in my life... has in my life.

I can't help (nor I want to) thinking in about that powerful last scene... starry sky, Sydney climbing that staircase... in love, completely in love.

Tale, as I said in my blog, will be there... always, no matter what. Always, always...

I am there, right now, from the distance... throught the songs, through my heart.

"...and there is nothing to fear!"
Kirstin said…
It's one of my favorite shows. Please say there will be a cast album with you James! Have a beautiful last show...
Debbie said…
I am in shock. Though I know how hard it is in these times to keep a show going I am so sadden by the news. I couldn't even respond to the blog on the "scoop". We had planned a Christmas trip to NYC and a view viewings of Tale!!!
So we are broken hearted!
Please say you'll come back to the Asolo before you get too far into your next project.
Hugs to you and the cast as well as Ron and Barbra! Everyone worked so very hard! But you are put Tale on Broadway!
Love to you all!
Debbie (The doll lady in Florida)
jiujiu said…
I truly sad about all of this, I maybe will never have a chance to see this show...but I do believe that something good will happen! you did an incredible job, you made people dream, believe, think, and all of this will never fade away! Thank you, to you and all the cast and crew, for letting us be your fans! I, no, I guess all of us here will keep supporting you!
Rae said…
Hi James,

It was a tough day for this fan.
I truly believed this magnificent show would be around for a long time. Nine shows was not enough for me. Every time I went I felt
something new. I saw something new. The audiences loved it. Today, we thought alot about the last performance and how it was affecting the cast members and Jill. We know it was a difficult day for many people.
When all is said and done, you know that it was a wonderful production with a special group of people who will probably stay connected one way or another. It was obvious to me that there were so many bonds formed. I will never forget how special I felt, just standing on that stage, getting to talk to so many of the
actors. The first time I met you I knew you were an extraordinary person. You came over to me, as if you knew me, gave me a hug,
showed me a picture of Hudson and took a photo with me. Your genuine caring for your fans will never be
Evan and I wish you continued success in your future. We hope to see you in many productions.
We wish you, Dana and Hudson a prosperous and loving life together.
cdupler said…
Hi, James
My name is Casey and I saw "Tale" on August 29th, during previews. I just wanted to know that ever since I saw the show, I have been reading your blog and finding it very interesting, at that! I've actually commented in the past. You see, I want to be on Broadway more than anything in the world and by watching your performance as Carton, I've developed an even greater desire and passion for Broadway (and that's saying something!) I'm only a sophomore in high school but I have always wanted to act since I was little. "Tale" is definitely on my top five and to hear that it closed today deeply saddens me. On the day my family and I saw it, we actually waited for you at the stage door and I got your autograph. Besides being in shock at how tall you were (you do not look that tall from the second row!) I noticed a certain presence you had. You seemed to still glow offstage too and it is safe to say you have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. Natalie Toro actually took me on stage when I got to meet her. You had just come out when she was leading me in, when I stopped her and told her that I had to get THE James Barbour's autograph. I know I'm typing up a novel here but I had to tell you that I was a definite person you "affected" that you talk about. You say that if you have affected just one person, then you know why do you what you do. Well, here she is, James. Good luck to you and I hope to see you soon!!
KathyP said…
I was at the show tonight...soooo amazing!
So bittersweet. Tears during "If Dreams Came True."....

The crowd cheered and clapped all night long--so glad to experience that on the final night. My hands are sore from clapping as hard as I could!

My sincerest congrats- I can't wait to see your next step.

I am just so impressed by you as an actor and person. Your positive attitude through this closure is incredibly inspiring. As a young artist, I am so thankful to have a role model like you to learn from.

Best Wishes,

The show was spectacular. I was a wreck for a good 3/4 of it. It was so incredibly powerful and it was so nice to be involved with such a supportive audience.

Your delivery of the last line of the show was so breathtakingly powerful.

Congratulations on such a wonderful, fantastic show.
Tootles said…
James, I wanted to check in with you today and let you know that my heart is with you and the rest of the cast. I saw the show in Oct. and thought it was superb.

I am a great fan of Dickens and Tale is my favorite of his books. When I heard they were doing it on Broadway as a musical I was concerned, but I knew I had to see it. I'm so grateful I got tickets early! I was truely touched by the show, but most of all by your performance. As soon as you began to sing all of my concerns melted away, and I just sat back to enjoy a wonderful theatrical experience.

You have so much to be proud of, and I hope the early closing of the show doesn't damper your spirit. The timing was unfortunate...the economy has had a huge impact on so many people...but the closing of the show doesn't, in any way, reflect upon the work you were doing on that stage.

I look forward to hearing about your upcoming projects. If you do another CD of Broadway songs I hope you will include one or two from Tales.

Best of luck to you!

Alexandra said…
hey james
i just wanted to know if this video would be available to your fans :)
Nisbett Family said…
James, two of my sons and I saw your show in October and were so awed by everything about the production (the music, costumes, lighting, set,energy, wit). . . but especially your performance. We were planning on driving back (from Missouri) over our Thanksgiving break to bring the whole family (We have ten children). We are heartbroken that the show has closed. Disappointment doesn't even describe how I'm feeling. We loved the show more than any other show, ever. Will there be a national tour? Will you be part of it? Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!! May God bless your work on Monte Cristo and your new family.

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