Mon Dieu

Monte Cristo Started today...

First thing I have to say is that neither Gregg Edleman nor Craig Bennet have shaved their beards, thought that would have been one of the first things they did when they got home last night.

And...there is a ton of music. Frank has almost written an operetta of sorts. Amazing body of work for this show. We worked very hard and very diligently on Frank's music. Jack Murphy was on hand to share his thoughts on the lyrics and his book. I think this is going to be quite powerful. And the creative team as a whole is incredibly supportive.

We're just going over music first, haven't yet read through the script with the cast. There's really not a ton of time to get all this work done but as always, this group of pros will step up to the task.

Funny thing, Gregg and I ran into a "Subway" sandwich shop by the rehearsal hall to grab some lunch on our break and we ran into Anthony (a Tale supporter) shout out to Anthony and Andrew (another Tale supporter)...who didn't pick up his cell phone by the way. (Anthony called him and I left a message on his voice mail). Always fun to run into the Tale extended family. Thanks guys.

More later...and by the way...any favorite holiday tunes?


Caitlynn said…
Monte Cristo sounds so great already! I am definitely looking forward to it! Do you have any idea when or if Dracula's going to come out? I heard some clips from the CD and it sounds incredible!
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Mond said…
Monte Cristo is one of my favorites stories... you as him is going to be a very interesting affair. I know it's a long process, but I do think the process itself is a beautiful learning experience... a life experience.

I'll go with a classic: Happy Xmas (War is Over), Lennon of course.
Artistic1 said…
"Some of my "fav" Christmas tunes:
Away in a Manger
Silent Night
Oh, Holy Night
Christmas song
Believe (Josh Groban)
Have yourself a Merry Little..
Jingle Bell Rock
Silver Bells
Do you hear what I hear
...not sure if this one considered strictly "Christmas", but...
Ave Maria
Hard to narrow it down to these only, but want to leave room for other posters too...
Debbie said…
Holiday tunes for your voice?
"I'll be Home for Christmas". Lordy makes me tear up just thinking about it.
Can't wait to hear more about Monte Cristo. What a powerful story!!
Hugs from sunny Florida!
Debbie (the doll lady)
Lauren said…
Just one thing James: Is this going to Broadway. Or Florida again? Just wondering cause Tale was in Florida then it came to Broadway! Good Luck James!!!!

- Lauren
Siobhan said…
I love the idea of you doing a holiday cd. My all time favorite X-mas song is "Silent Night". A fun song to sing would be "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus".

BTW I am so glad you are still writing your bog :)
Gayle said…
"O Holy Night"
"Mary, Did You Know?"

Besides "A Tale of Two Cities", "The Count of Monte Cristo" has been one of my all-time favorite books (oh, and "East of Eden" too)...they all have the themes of passion and redemption, power stuff. I'll be following the progress of Cristo. Best to you as you start a new journey.
Sasha said…
I feel like 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' would sound amazing with your voice. Of course, 'O Holy Night' is classic, amazing.

I'll come back with more later, and I'll try to get in touch with Anthony about his phone.
Sasha said…
Ah, I read wrong, so Anthony knows. lol okay, my friend says 'Silent Night'.
Rae said…
Hi James!

Miss you and "Tale".
Good luck with your new endeavor.


P.S. I really do love Christmas music, and whatever you sing will be fantastic!
KathyP said…
Favorite holiday tunes....

The Angel Gabriel **
Noel Nouvelet
O Holy Night **
Silent Night
Carol of Bells
Masters of the Hall
I'll be Home for Christmas **
O My Heart
First Noel **

ooo how exciting if this project happens...

I starred my favs for a JB interpretation...
Hey there James-- it's Anthony! Thank you so much for the shout out, it was funny, bizarre and awesome running into you and Greg Edelmann like that! I will always remember that.

O Holy Night is an excellent song!
SusieQ said…
Sorry to hear Tale closed so soon but sounds like you are working on something really exciting. Kudos.
goldandcurls said…
Hi James-
I'm so glad I got to say "goodbye" to this wonderful show. It's a shame it had to leave, but.. Keep moving forward. Just keep walking. It works. I'm very excited about Count of Monte Cristo and I'm so glad that it will pretty much be a marvelous reunion for a lot of the cast. And my personal favorite holiday song is "Oh Holy Night". Give my love to Dana and Hudson. It was great seeing you after the show :) Keep us updated on your concert.
- Halley
Edin said…
We are so proud of you and it is a credit to your talent that things keep going well for you.

My favorite holiday song is Silent Night, I love how soothing it is.
Andrea said…
Can't wait to hear the music!

some holiday tunes:
First Noel, Joy to the World, It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, O Holy Night, Somewhere In My Memory, All I Want For Christmas is You.

need any more? :)
Megan said…
I can't wait to hear this new score! I can't imagine the excitement and energy involved in launching a new musical. It must be very exciting!

"Oh Holy Night" is my favorite holiday tune, hands down. No matter how many times I hear it, it brings me to tears. I also like "The Gift" by Garth Brooks, but I don't hear it very often...
Tootles said…
Oh Holy Night is my favorite. Please tell me you're recording a Christmas CD!!!!

Erica said…
Silver bells. And yay for "Monte Cristo!" I mentioned in an earlier blog comment that "Tale" was my second favorite book. "Monte Cristo" is my first favorite. I WILL make it to NY when Monte Cristo goes up.
Arwen915 said…
I had the honor of sitting in the audience of the closing night for Tale (my third time seeing the show), and as always, I was blown away. Good luck with the new piece!
Fav holiday song: I'll Be Home For Christmas.
JoD said…
To hear you sing "O Holy Night," my grandmother's favorite song, would be a Christmas gift to cherish.
And "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" for Mr. Dickens.
Lauren said…
I'm very very proud of you james. You've done so much theatre work, and your voice is amazing. My favorite holiday song is "Little Drummer Boy" and "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear" *smiles*
goldandcurls said…
I'm so glad I got to see you after the show and speak to you about some things. It meant a lot to me. So thank you. Again.

I'm looking forward to Count of Monte Cristo so much. Give the cast my love. And also give my love to Dana and little Hudson.

My favorite holiday song is "Oh Holy Night". What's yours? :)
- Halley
gerard763 said…
It is so cool how approachable you are JB...and please know how many good wishes are being sent your way with Monte Cristo...cannot wait!! Favorite Christmas song? Well, AVE MARIA of course, but people say it is not really a christmas, IT CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR and O HOLY NIGHT....
Monte Cristo sounds fantastic! Will there ever be a reading that's open to the public? I would love to see/hear it before it's off to Europe.

I'm also happy for the Christmas cd! I have always loved "White Christmas"! I also would be overjoyed to hear "Ave Maria" if that qualifies as a Christmas tune. :)
Rae said…
Hi James-

I love "White Christmas"!

I hope Monte Cristo will make it to Broadway!!!

gerard763 said…
I think I want to add another song now...God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman...your voice James would knock that one out of the well as my previous two mentioned...I am still so blown away how nice you are to the fans...
RERoss said…
Thanks for all your efforts on and off stage to promote "A Tale of Two Cities". I've become a fan. Unfortunately this wonderful, uplifting show was another victim of the economic slump on Broadway; ironically at a time when it's message is most needed. I hope "Tale" goes on the road and does as well as it did in Tampa, and that you become a star again in "Monte Cristo".
jiujiu said…
holiday tunes? Ohh, my favorites are Oh Holy Night and Angels We have heard on high *___*
Gem said…
I am looking forward to Cristo - Windhorn / Barbour make a great team.
As for Christmas songs, Nate King Cole for a musical sweater and The Carol of the Bells for joy
Thank you

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