Cristo Reading

Great day...

I am constantly amazed at how much talent exists in the world...especially in New York...and especially with the cast of Tale.

Many of them were in the Monte Cristo reading and I have to say...we all learned a ton of material in just 3 days. That's a lot given this score.

The story, well the story is just incredible (good news is that I get to live in this one). I always seem to die or get brutally maimed in all the Broadway shows I do. Jack Murphy has adapted the novel wonderfully and his lyrics are poignant and often funny at the same time.

Frank score..I think it's some of the best work I've heard of his to date. There are the powerhouse signature Wildhorn songs but there are also these amazing pieces that have a musical delicacy and an incredible musical intricacy that takes the score to another level.

Conceptually the director (who also directed Frank's Dracula in Europe) has some amazing ideas. I wish I could see this production. It opens in Switzerland in March.

The way these reading usually work is that a small cast will be gathered to learn the show sitting around in a rehearsal room and then we do one or two presentations standing behind music stands. Generally these readings are not open to the public because it's a "work in progress" and not ready to be seen by the masses.

It would be like building half of a house and then bringing in prospective buyers way before it's complete. Some readings are much more together than others, it varies. That's also the reason there is no recording of the show. There are union guidelines as well that prohibit the recording of the show for much the same reasons.

I did speak with Frank and the goal is to indeed bring Monte Cristo to Broadway. As always its a question of timing. I'll definitely keep you posted as I know more.

Thanks for the Holiday song suggestions!


Rae said…
Hi James,

I am so excited for you and for me. Evan and I look forward to seeing you in your next production. We know you are working with a few people from "A Tale" and that certainly seals the deal for me. We will wait for your updates and look forward to sharing your successes with you.

Quentin said…
That sounds really cool! I have always been a fan of Wildhorns stuff! On that note I know you sang for him in Dracula, is there an CD we can buy of that? Also any word on a tale of two cities recording or at the very least sheet music? Please tell us. Thank you
I didn't think I would be able to see it before it premiered in Switzerland, oh well. Thanks for the answer though! I can cross my fingers now for Broadway! :)

Best of luck with the holiday cd!
Artistic1 said…
"Aspen Glow" is a beautiful song. As a John Denver fan, I'm ashamed to say I had not heard it.
I hope I did not start a difficult task for you with my comment about a Christmas seems people are banking on it already =I
Anyway, it would definitely be a great thing for your fans to have, and it would be a great project, too, now that Tale is not demanding all your time (I know, it does take a bit of money to put one out, but, would your current record label consider it...?). With as many people out there who I know would buy it (I'll probably buy about 5 or 10!), it should be a sure thing. Here's hoping...
BTW...that last speech you made for Tale's closing night (posted by one of your fans), tugged at one's heart. Though I wish I had been there, it probably was best I wasn't, since I would have been crying through the whole thing...there was already enough emotion there.
Is the reading for Monte Cristo over, then? Really hoping it makes its way to Broadway SOON. Can the music be heard on the Net (since they already have a CD?)
Lauren said…
Congratulations James! You own that part. *laughs* I'm very happy that you don't die in this show! I'm looking forward to see you in this role. Keep up the good work James! Tell your family I said hello!

- Lauren
gerard763 said…
Yes please keep us in the loop regarding MONTE CRISTO...I want front row seats when it comes with you in it...LOVED TOTC...and wish I had taken myself there more chances than I did...I think you'd do a helluva version of ADESTE FIDELES also...your pipes keep me going through bad times...what beauty!! I'd love to see you do a duet with Barbra Streisand while she is still two would be beautiful together in song...
jiujiu said…
Is it going to open in Switzerland?? it is so close to home I can actually go! Oh my! I want to have a chance to see this show so badly! I'm a Mr Wildorn's fan since I first heard Jekill and Hyde *_*
Of course I would love to see you lay in it on broadway, but there's time! :D

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