Waiting and Waiting

So I've been waiting and waiting to announce this really cool thing that might happen...

...and I'm still waiting. The anticipation is killing me. It's like seeing all of those Christmas presents under the tree, knowing that the big red one has my name on it but I'm forbidden from opening it until Christmas morning.

Arrrrggghhhh! (as Charlie Brown would say).

I should know by tomorrow though and then I'll be unable to wrap it.

Here's a question...why do the Peanuts never do laundry? They always wear the same clothing...in fact most cartoons always wear the same clothing. Look at Fred Flintstone. He had a car, a stereo and later on even a Martian hanging around...yet he still wore the same old orange and black frock. Hmmmm.


Artistic1 said…
My answear to cartoon dilemma: I guess it's for quick "character recognition" (and MUCH easier for the cartoonist to whip them out for those deadlines! Just think, if the artist had to do "costume" changes, it would be a monumental task on a daily basis!). If I'm not mistaken, cartoon characters do have special clothing for holidays, though...:)
I believe waiting for the "surprise" is killing us all! As long as it comes through, will be worth the wait...
Artistic1 said…
BTW...I LOVE the Flinstones! :I
Mond said…
Ha! Loved the way you are distracting yourself (us?) while you (we?) wait... so many questions... no logical answers. Isn't that just amazing? You get to creat whacky ones!
Rae said…
Hi James,

How are you? I look forward to hearing your news!!! I hope it involves your fans.

Do you have any time to come and visit my students in Westchester? That would be a blast.


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