Saturday Soiree

Great two shows today. The theatre was pretty packed again, which is a good thing on Broadway during these weeks. General attendance is down for most shows in NY but we had some full houses so far this weekend.

The fundraising efforts for Broadway Cares continues and we are doing well on that front too.

Tim Hartman, who is in the cast, is also a tremendous cartoonist and has created a sketch of the principle characters in Tale. We're selling that drawing as part of our fundraising effort. Thanks Tim!

Tim is an incredibly talented man with a huge repertoire. Take a peek:


Mond said…
I wish I could go to the show and buy something! Oh well... maybe soon.

I wrote something about A Tale, hope you can visit my blog and read it.

Have a great Sunday.
Athena said…
Can you post the drawing?
Siobhan said…
Is there any way to buy these items and other Tale items online? I am not sure when I can see the show next, but would like to bid for Bdway Cares.
*Kelly* said…
The show was amazing last night, James!! My boyfriend and I are obsessed with theatre (and having seen Phantom three times in the past year, we decided to give A Tale a try this time.)

Simply stunning is all I can describe the performance as. I've seen my share of Broadway and off-Broadway shows; you and the rest of the cast had such cohesive chemistry and reigned "we the people" right in!

I'm a journalist myself; and couldn't get over how brilliantly-written the play was. Looking forward to my next journey down to the theatre district to see it once more!
Rae said…
Hi James,

Evan and I were glad to be part of the Saturday evening crowd. The audience was great. They seemed to appreciate the awesome, epic musical, "A Tale of Two Cities".
The standing ovations continue!
The autographed poster for Broadway Cares is sooo special.
Thank you.
Artistic1 said…
How much is Tim's cartoon, and will they send it in the mail if one sends money to cover shipping costs as well? I've seen his cartoon from the Sarasota cast, and really liked it...
Becca said…
We were able to get into the matinee last minute and were blown away. Ah... your voice. :) Thanks for sharing your talent.

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