Sunday Salon

Hey everyone...

I will be Valerie Smaldone's next live guest at the Sunday Salon with Valerie Smaldone at Etcetera Etcetera tomorrow night.
Join me when Valerie Smaldone and I have a conversation in front of an intimate audience.
Doors open at 6 pm.

At Etcetera, Etcetera , 352 West 44th street, between 8th and 9th.

For tickets, go to:

It promises to be a great night!!


Mond said…
Damn! And I'm in Mexico... someday...
I guess you should mention you have fans all over the world: Mexico, Spain... :)
Alexandra said…
i was eating at kodama the sushi place right across from the theater, and i was watching the whole time, people are still stopping by admiring the posters and with dissapointed faces, i think i saw about 40 or so people in a span of an hour, wondering when u will be open. I fortunately got to see your last show and i miss it already.
Sasha said…
Will you be sharing the interview information with those of us who are unable to attend? :\

There's been rumor of a concert version of Tale, is this truuue? I hope so!

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