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So we got word that we're recording the show for the Lincoln Centre Archives Saturday night.

This is a good thing for the show and it will allow a record of this wonderful piece to be saved for all time. In truth I think the message that Tale carries can never be extinguished but it's nice to be able to have a visual reference.

By the by...Lucinda Dickens was at the show tonight. She's Charles Dickens great, great granddaughter. It was wonderful to meet her. Living history right in front of you. Can you imagine what she must have in her house? All those great original works. My exciting!

Thanks to all of you who have written in by the way. You are so gracious and supportive. I can speak for our entire company when I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Now come to the theatre in the next couple of days and let's have a great send off!


Athena said…
Why the record is only for the Lincoln Centre? They could make a DVD for people who can't go to NY... Anyway, can everybody go to the Lincoln Centre and see the video?
Rae said…
Hi James,

Evan and I will be there tonight.
We know we will see many of the cast members again on Broadway.

Perhaps you might think about a CD including your songs from "A Tale".
That would be awesome!

Lauren said…
Omigod this is going to be so exciting. Will they be releasing Tale on DVD? I really wish they could James. Good Luck with the filming.
Gwen said…
The Young Man in "A Tale of Two Cities" is our son, Drew. What a magnificent show in which to make his Broadway debut! We saw the show in previews and then twice after it opened. It is a beautiful show with a powerful message. The cast is uniformly amazing, and were as kind and open to out-of-town proud parents as they are talented on stage. Drew's sister, grandfather, aunt and uncle, and our friends who saw the show were amazed and moved by the story and performances. We are saddened to not have another opportunity to come to New York and see the show, but we look forward to seeing and hearing from the cast and crew as they move on to new projects. Thank you for a glorious time,
Gwen and David Aber
KathyP said…
How great! I hope it does justice to your live version of belting out "I Can't Recall!" It has moved me to near tears everytime!
I was at the Friday night show and it seemed to be a very lively crowd! Standing ovation form the start of the curtain call....yay.
Caitlynn said…
It would be so wonderful if they could release it on DVD. I think what rae said about recording a cd with some of your Tale songs on it is a perfect idea.
Erica said…
Good evening. I'm an English teacher in Houston and teacher "Tale," which is one of my favorite books. I also love musicals and was excited for a "Tale" musical. After purchasing the concept CD,and falling in love with it, I planned on coming to see the Broadway version, but with the closing, that isn't going to happen. I just heard about the closing and am devasted, but hope was renewed when you mentioned a touring company.

I recently purchased the "Jane Eyre" cast recording, and love your voice. Will you be in the touring company?

By the way, in a bit of humor (at least in my mind) is that you were Rochester in "Jane Eyre" and Carton in "Tale" - I teach both of those in one semester. :) Coincidence that you're both.

Megan said…
I'm shocked and devastated to hear about Tale's closing! I count myself lucky to have had the opportunity to see it. Thank you for pouring your heart into this role - my entire family (including myself) was deeply, deeply moved by your performance and the entire production. I'm holding out hope for a Cast Recording!

Best wishes for a stupendous closing show (I know it will be), and here's to your success in future projects. Cheers!
Artistic1 said…
Thank God! I can now breath and be assured that this great show will be preserved as it was in its glory on Broadway for the first time. It will also "capture" all the great and hard work and performances that you all have poured onto that stage at the Hirschfeld. Congratulations!
PS-I posted last Friday regarding the cast CD, but it seems to have vanished. I wrote that perhaps the company can set a deadline for all those who wish a copy to send the money, so that no further expenditure will be necessary for the producers, and they will know how many to produce. This is only an "uneducated" idea, since I don't really know exactly what it takes to bring such an undertaking to reality. Those in other countries can also benefit from this. Could this happen...?
Artistic1 said…
Lucinda! What a testament for the show and you all to have as legacy of its impact. It is the highest honor annointed on Tale so far, and well deserved for that person who started it all, Jill Santorielo.
Mond said…
I am with ATHENA, I truly believe Tale has a very, very important message for human kind... Lincoln Centre is just a little piece... spread the word worldwide!

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