Lessons from a Babe

I was having dinner with a friend of mine tonight who I've known for nearly 20 years and we were discussing "the future."

He asked me when it was that I knew my life was changed in regard to the baby being born. My answer was...instantaneously.

I pondered where my daughter would be in 20 years, what would the world be like. There are so many concerns and worries, the economy, politics, the war all sorts of things that take up our time and in some ways force us to look into the future.

But what I've learned from the little being that now shares my life and my house is that she's simply focused on today. My buddy said, "That's because she doesn't know that there's a tomorrow" and I said..."Excatly!"

She lives her life moment to moment, second by second. And even though there is a tomorrow she's not focused on it. It's a true lesson isn't it? I mean obviously we, as adults, have responsibilities and there certainly indeed is a tomorrow, a future.

But so often we forget to live for today and cherish the wonders of life moment by moment, second by second.

So for me each day is a lesson and I'll be reminded of this one every time I look into the eyes of my daughter.


goldandcurls said…
Thank you again, for yet another inspiring post. We never realize how important it is to cherish life from moment to moment, instead of worrying about what tomorrow holds.

Thank you, James.
KathyP said…
nicely said.
Artistic1 said…
It is so nice (and a blessing), to be able to say you've known someone for such a long time, and you call them friend...
...and I agree that life should be lived in all the daily wonder it has to offer. Each day has its own magic, and it is, indeed, a gift (what do they say, that's why it's called the "present"?)
Artistic1 said…
Oh...another quote to live by that I wanted to share (which also can be applied as a double meaning to the acting profession): "Act as if what you do matters. It does."
------ William James
Caitlynn said…
What a great post...wonderfully stated!
jiujiu said…
what a inspiring thing you said...thank you so much!! you made my night ( or day, whatever!) I hope you little girl is doing fine, and even though I did not post a comment in each post ( mea culpa) I've read them, and as I always said, I will never stop supporting you :)
Rae said…
Hi James,

Hudson is truly a blessing. Enjoy her every moment. Time goes by so quickly. The older we get, the faster it goes. Nothing is more important than family and friends.
Remember those who care about you.

Mond said…
"No day but today"... Sounds familiar?

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