The Situation

I know many of you have questions about the closing of Tale and I'm going to write a longer blog on that this evening.

I just wanted to let you all know that the Tale company is doing great and we are all greatful for the support everyone has shown us.

Stay tuned... and you'll get the scoop!


Heather said…
I'm very sorry to hear the news, and I wish it wasn't true. As much as I understand the pressure from current economic issues, it's still sad to see such a good show have to leave Broadway so early. I really wanted to see it one more time--it's too bad it can't hang on one more week or two until the weekend after Thanksgiving when I'll be back in the NY area.

Good luck, I support you and all the cast, and I'm still holding out hope for a cast recording. Please let the people who care about this show know if we can do anything.
I am so heartbroken.
Rae said…
Hi James,

I am sooo upset that the show is closing. You know how Evan and I feel about you and the rest of the cast and crew. It has been an extraordinary ride for us. We hope we can keep in touch with you.
Many of my students were very upset to learn of the closing. They reiterated their appreciation for the opportunity given to them by Adopt A Class.They will never forget the experience. Evan and I wish you much success in all of your future endeavors and look forward to seeing you again.

RJ Vaillancourt said…
hey james,
I was the crazy teenager who asked for your autograph after the show tonight in the rain.. loved the show, and your individual cd is great too. Any advice for an acting major here in the city trying to live the dream?
much appreciated!
Artistic1 said…
Hope this is not true, but if so, hope everyone who can get people to go see this show, really will, as it would do very well during the holiday season, and thus, remain open for those others not lucky enough to get there after it closes...
It is an amazingly worthy show, but good art is not always "appreciated" by critics at first. Just think how many artists have died in poverty and then, posthumously, have become enormously famous AND appreciated by the world.
jiujiu said…
This can't be! I hadn't the chance to see it ( I know it is so selfish of me to think like that but I'm shocked!) I would be grateful to know why...
I still say keep up the good job, all of us out there will never stop supporting you!

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