Thunderin' Thursday

Was it cold today...or was it COLD?!

When I woke up it was 18 degrees.  Thank god for North Face...

Here's another shot from the snow filled shoot of a couple of days ago.

Different person believe it or not.  The photograph is pretty much as is.  

On the show front, I've solidified three more guests (four actually as one is a couple).  I'll announce them soon as the press release goes out.    

As a reminder, this coming week I've got both Jenny Powers and Mark McVey.  Anyone who is planning to come this Saturday is in for a real treat. 

I'm gonna be with Mark in studio tomorrow so I'll get some photos of that.  


Sally said…
Lovely picture!
What do you do to your pictures to make them all black and white-with one colored part. These photos remind me of the photography in the children's book, The Red Balloon. Very nice work!
Artistic1 said…
Wow, I can't get over the way the color pops up in the otherwise black and white landscape. This one, as well, is an excellent shot! Nothing wrong with your eye for photography, you certainly capture some artistically awesome scenery! Thanks for sharing, I was debating whether to ask you to post it, and now you have :)
Anonymous said…
Part of me wishes I wasn't going to Baltimore this weekend so I could come see the awesomeness that is Jenny Powers.
Artistic1 said…
By the way...if you ever publish a book of your photographs, I would definitely add it to my library :)
Or perhaps you can sell them as postcards or a calendar...? They are worth it.
andrew said…
What an amazing show !!!! And a perfect end to my birthday.

McVey has one of the most amazing voices that I have ever heard. He simply blew us away !

James, a personal thanks to you for getting our party such a great table when we were being seated.

Our friends had a blast !!!

Thanks again,

Andrew & Mei

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