First Show

Wow...what a great crowd.

Sardi's was so busy with their dinner patrons today that we literally had 30 minutes to set up the show and get it ready after they had cleared out the second floor.  And that was no small task.  

Not only had we never rehearsed in the space before, we had to set up sound for the first time, configure the tables for seating, and make sure that everything was in place before we let in the first ticket holders.

But for never having worked in the venue before tonight, not having a sound check and and not even being sure of who was sitting where...all in all it was a wonderful night.  I just kinda milled about before the show saying hi to everyone.  

It was so good to see many of you there.  Tony Walton came with his family as did many of the Tale supporters, Rae and Evan were there singing along as well.  

We actually got a sitter (one of our dearest friends baby sat for us) so that Dana could come and see the show.

Brandi sounded amazing (she's going into Mama Mia by the way).  And Michael Hayward Jones stepped in too.  He'll be singing with me tomorrow (Sunday).

We did learn a lot tonight.  Pacing of the show, song list etc.  We might change the song order  a bit to make things flow more smoothly. 

But so glad to be finally be doing the show.  I love the interaction I'm able to have because everyone is so close.  It's like singing in my living room (but with big speakers).


Liv said…
Ah I'm glad it went so well for you, James! Six days until my night! I am so, so looking forward to it.
Sasha said…
I'm so excited to finally get to see this on the 28th...but it seems like you're happily dancing around that date as far as special guests are concerned. Any word? haha
andrew said…
I was there last night, and your show was amazing !!! I laugh when you mention finding a babysitter, because we couldnt (have a 2 yr old), so I had to go solo, but wife and I will be back next Saturday evening.

Brandi looked and sounded great, and the venue is so perfect !!

Cant wait to go back !!

The audience participation (dont want to give anything else away was a blast !!!
Siobhan said…
I'm glad your first show went so well...Makes me crazy for this Wednesday's show..

I have a question, my show is at 3pm. Do we eat during the show, before or after it?? I've never done a show at Sardi's before.
Rae said…
Hi James,

Your holiday show was wonderful. It was great being a part of it.
Your presence filled the room with the holiday spirit and your passion for your craft came through throughout the evening.
It genuinely felt like we were in your living room and family and friends gathered to share an evening of holiday music. I loved that you shared your passion for the lyrics. It seemed that every song you sang was picked with care and love for the music and the words.
I will always be grateful for having the opportunity to see you on stage. I feel blessed this holiday season for knowing you, your beautiful wife and the "Tale" family. Thank you for everything.
Have a blessed holiday season.

Kathy said…

I enjoyed the opening night show so much! Fun night with amazing songs.

I really enjoyed the variety of holiday and Broadway songs.

My favs...
O Holy Night (my husband couldn't stop raving about your take on it)
Sail Me Home
Monte Cristo Duet with Brandi
Song from The Hunchback....
Measure of a Man Song
Christmas Song
...and of course I Can't Recall, which I could hear an entire concert of just that song.

Everyone who is in NYC for the holidays needs to go!

Happy Holidays to you and your family,


ps...Seven swans a swanning....classic!
goldandcurls said…
Congrats on a fantastic show! I'm glad it went so well :)

Just wanted to wish you and the family a Happy Hannukah as tonight is the first of eight nights.

Can't wait for the 27th with Debbie and the 30th with Marla. Ill be bringing my sister to the one on the 30th.
Anonymous said…
Well its Rae's other half,

You are such an awesome entertainer. Whatever you do its just wonderful.

Watched your emotions on Saturday and as Rae and I saw during the 9 times we saw TOTC there were tears in your eyes.

So glad that we finally met Dana you guys complement each other and when you talk about Hudson both of you glow.

I can relate to what you said about going to play golf cause you had no place to go.
Now that I have Rae and her family our lives have have become so intertwined.

Great show

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