Seasons Of Love

How could I have forgotten to mention the amazing thing that happened the other day.

There were a group of theatre students who have been huge supporters of A Tale Of Two Cities since day one.  They came religiously to see the show on student rush tickets and helped spread the word when they could about Tale to other theatre goers.

In short...they became part of the extended Tale family.  Well I was chatting with one of the guys one day and had a thought.  My concerts are about music and fun and family and friends so I proposed that he get a small group of people together to come and sing one night with me at the concerts.

And what a great group it was.  They came in and sang Seasons Of Love from Rent with about 3 seconds of rehearsal time with Jeremy.  (God am I ever blessed to have him as my Musical Director).  I actually began to tear up while they were singing.  So powerful and such ease.

Thanks you guys for coming and adding some great spirit to my show.


andrew said…

Was at the show last night (with another "Tale" supporter... My friend Sara, who became my "Tale" date whenever mom had to watch our little one. (And Mei's "Tale" date, when it was my turn to watch her)

I laughed when you mentioned that Dana asked you what you were both going to do for New Year's Eve.

Our New Year's Eves since Keona was born has consisted of switching back and forth between the "Honeymooners" marathon, and the "Twilight Zone" !!!

Show was amazing (as usual), and hmmm..... little "cryptic" mention of February shows... ?

That would be amazing !!!

Have a VERY Happy and Healthy New Year (you and yours !!!)

Thanks for there wonderful shows !!

Andrew, Mei, and Keona Skye
Kathy said…
That's a very cool gesture.

You share so much with your friends, family and fans - you even share your stage!

oh, and Happy New Year!!!
Siobhan said…
Happy New Year...Speaking of LOVE, weren't you going to do a cd all about your favorite LOVE songs and then do concerts? What happened?
jiujiu said…
oh..seasons of love...this song make me cry everytime I listen to it. Such a great song ( even its italian version is lovely!)I can understand the way it moved you to tears ^^ I'm so huppy to learn your concert are having such a great success...wish you a great 2009 :)

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