So I began laying out the concert today.  We've got some great tunes planned.

It's a hard process because there are so many great songs to sing from the Holidays and choosing the line-up is no easy task.

I have indeed been thinking about Ave Maria.  Beautiful song.  

Recording this concert in any way, is unfortunately not allowed in the venue.  I am planning to record a Christmas CD and this concert will be a template for that recording.  

Funny, every year I think, geez I need to get on that Christmas CD but every year I'm so busy with other shows that the timing is impossible.  So, we're planning to make a go of one in the New Year, for next year. :) 

The concert is going to be very simple, just me and a piano.  Jeremy Roberts is musical directing for me and I'm incredibly lucky that he's available.

Glad you guys like the Poster.  We should have some available at Sardi's.  

And by the way, I totally understand the economic crunch.  That's why we decided to price our tickets the way we did.  You can do a $25 bar seating ticket with the $25 minimum and you basically get dinner and a show for $50.  Of course you can always do the $45 seat or premium seat for $60 each with a $25 minimum.  Concert Info click here

Whatever works for you guys works for me.  My goal is to make this show a relaxed and fun environment.  That's what the holidays are to me.  


Rae said…
Hi James,

Evan and I are so glad you are doing this holiday concert. We need our James Barbour "fix". LOL.
It should be an awesome time for all because you are an awesome

Quentin said…
I cannot WAIT to see you in concert!!! I am coming to see you December 30 with my girlfriend and I got Premium Tickets =]

Will you mingle with the audience after the performances? It would be awesome to have photo op and to just chat about the musical theatre field with you since Im going to college for that.

goldandcurls said…
I already bought at ticket for the 27th and I'm trying to get a few people together for the 30th. I think that you singing Ave Maria would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone who hears it. I hope you put it in the collection. I have to save up some money for the $25 minimum and all, but seeing you again and hearing you sing will be so worth it. I can't wait! :)
gerard763 said…
That sounds so great! I already have my $65 tickets for the 21st and for the 28th...I cannot wait! I am glad that you are now considering Ave Maria...but now, which version...Schubert or Gounod? Continued success with the rehearsals James...I know it will be a wonderful time! TOTC really addicted me to your voice...exquisite!...
gerard763 said…
By the way, James...Blue Christmas is a great choice too..and how about I Wonder As I Wander...or The First Noel...Adeste Fideles.
I can also see you singing MOON RIVER..although not a Broadway is SO very haunting...or my favorite Broadway song for a man: This Nearly Was Mine...I could see you SOARING on that song...blowing it away!!
KathyP said…
Relaxed and fun sounds great! I've never been to Sardi's, but it certainly has a reputation for being a warm and friendly place. Perhaps they should add a festive 'Barbour-tini' to the drink list for the concert :)

So many of us are excited. That's great. I think its so important to have an event to anticipate over the holiday season. A ski trip. A fire-lit Christmas Eve gift exchange. An ice skating date. A cookie exchange party. A sled-and-drink-cocoa day. A holiday concert...

I wrote about the holiday-anticipation-effect on my blog. And I of course told everyone to hurry and get tickets to your concert. Because it is a great event to anticipate.
jiujiu said…
I'll be firts on line for your Christmas cd, and I'll be patient! I'm sure the concert will be a success!Wish I could go too... ^_^
Sue said…
Hi James,

I agree, Ave Maria is a beautiful song. I would love to here that song. Other than a Christmas CD what are your plans for next year.

oksensei said…
Among the veritable embarassment of riches to choose from, I really hope you can do a few songs from TALE -- particularly "Let Her Be a Child" which you do so hauntingly well.
I'm gathering a passle of folks to come experience you at Sardi's -- while also continuing to keep toes crossed for a TALE cast album despite the odds.

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