Miss America, Marla Schaffel and Noel Coward

What a fun play.

Today was the presentation of The Happy Hypocrite.  We had a delightful time and the piece really is rather funny.

The cast was pretty stellar I must say, including our own Michael Hayward Jones (who incidentally will be joining me quite frequently throughout my concerts) as Oscar Wilde. Given the limited amount of rehearsal time we have on something like this it turned out quite well.  

Tony Walton, ever the artist, created a fantastic working environment and had such a fine sensibility about Coward.  So this became not only a work day but a school day as well.  I learned so much about Coward in just the brief time we had in rehearsal.  

OK so more guests are announced.  

Marla Schaffel, my co-star in Jane Eyre will be singing with me on December 30th.  We haven't sung together since June 10, 2001 (the last performance of Jane Eyre).  I'm looking forward to it.

Natalie Toro is joining me on December 23rd and Kate Shindle (miss America and Legally Blonde star) on the 24th, Jodi parker (former Miss Delaware) on December 26th.  I'll also have Tony Award nominee Marc Kudisch with me on January 2nd and the great Jack Noseworthy on January 4th.  

January 3rd will be special...let's just say that Kevin Earley will be there and so will Natalie and maybe some more familiar names.

There will also be surprise guests throughout the run who will add something new to the mix.  

So...grab you seats, join in the fun and music.  


Liv said…
Oh my god what a line up, I wish I could come to every performance! Will you and Marla be doing "Sirens" together? That show really has an amazing score (I asked for the soundtrack for Christmas.)

I absolutely love Marc. You guys must sound glorious together.
jiujiu said…
Oh my god!!! mrs schaffel!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! oh please, do a record, do something, I want to hear you two singing together after all this time!!!
Kathy said…
I was at The Happy Hypocrite and what a great reading! You were very funny James. I left the theater with a big smile on my face. Even through the cold and icy NYC snow yesterday.

The audience shuffled in from the cold, and the show warmed everyone up with laughter and charm, a message of love and honesty, and thoughts of 'warm shiny buns glistening in bakery windows'.

I still can't believe that both those Tony Walton readings -with those casts- were free. Only in New York...

I wrote a review of HH on my blogs, if anyone who missed out wants to hear more.
goldandcurls said…
I'll be there on the 30th and the 27th. I can't wait to see Debbie and Marla. :)
I wish I could be there for the Kevin Earley and Natalie Toro evening, but I'll be away. :( I hope you have a great time singing with them. I miss you all.

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