Boxing Day

I don't know about you guys but there was NO boxing on TV today at all.  I even watched ESPN.


I took a much needed day off yesterday.  We spent it with my in-laws and the baby and she had a wonderful first Christmas.  We took a nice long walk in the park with the entire family (dogs included of course).

Family is so very important.  No matter where I was in my life, on tour, in Los Angeles or even England, I always made it home for Christmas every year but one.  After my father passed away in 1999 and my mother passed in 2005, the homes I knew as a child were gone.  Subsequently I could no longer "go home" for Christmas.

Since then I've made my own family and although my mother and father never got see my amazing baby girl in person, I know that they are seeing her from afar.  

I mentioned tonight that what I miss the most is the ability to pick up the phone and just talk to them.  I don't think it's so much the physical connection that I miss but more the simple fact that I can't communicate voice to voice.

I feel that we are all parts of a greater whole, a larger existence and that, as individuals, we are intertwined in many ways.  And I am grateful to share, in some small way, a little bit of my life with those around me.  And thank you all for sharing yours.

Here's to an incredible Boxing Day!

And oh...we still have some great shows coming up.  Deborah Gibson tomorrow night (almost completely SOLD OUT for that one).  Marla of course on Dec. 30....

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Kristin U. said…
I was at the show tonight (or technically last night) and you were beyond amazing (like three times seeing Tale of Two Cities didn't make that obvious enough)!Your "O Holy Night" & "Believe" were incredible, so much so that my friend and I will hopefully be coming back!

Thanks for such a fun and great night! Good luck with the rest of the concerts!
Artistic1 said…
I read an article last night on the net (I think it was from Dec. 24th...?) which seems to now have disappeared. In it, the writer stated that you behaved with "no affectations", in your concert. This is probably the greatest thing written in that article about you...
These concerts are really a great thing that you are doing. What a way to share this special time of the year with your fans...everyone is having a wonderful time, and that, in itself, should be recompense enough for you, not only as an artist, but as a person. In a way, you "are" home for Christmas, especially in your heart :)
Artistic1 said…
One more know, I feel that when great things, like this concert, your performance in Tale, etc...happen, they ultimately are able to come about because of the way your've lived your life. The good qualities, strength, the work ethics, and lifestyle ethics, of the person involved, show grandly in events like these. Another testament to your character, of which you should take pride (your parents would be very proud of you, as well, if they were here...but they are...just look to the skies...
andrew said…
Counting down the hours.... see ya tonight !!! We actually found someone to watch the baby, so wife and I will be there. Our second date in three years !!! LOL !!

goldandcurls said…
Great time tonight! Sorry about the camera. ;) Haha. Thanks for the laughs and the love and the music. I love how in tune (no pun intended) you are with the creation of each song... The lyrics, the music, the connections, everything. It's so admirable. You sounded INCREDIBLE also. It was so nice to hear and see you again. Your "O, Holy Night" was perfect and I had a great time being "Six Geese A-Laying". And Deborah was so wonderful and charming with a voice to die for. Thank you for having her.

I'll see you on the 30th! And I'm bringing my younger sister, my mom, and my mom's friends.

Merry Christmas - enjoy the gifts. :)
- Halley
harlenescorner said…
do you know the origin of Boxing Day? I am not sure if it is the same in the US but here in the UK, it was the day that the Alms for the Poor were given out. These 'poor' boxes held the collection money from throughout the year and then opened to give assistance to the poor throughout the winter months. It became known as Boxing Day because of these boxes. And of course, it is also St Stephen's Day.

Sorry being a Librarian, I feel obliged to impart useless trivia from time to time!

A Happy New Year to you and your family

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