Snowy Saturday

It actually snowed today.  

Delilah, our youngest Golden, has never seen snow.  Nothing quite "stuck" while we were on our walk but I could tell she was looking at the falling snow with a sense of curiosity.  

Can't wait to see how she reacts to the white stuff on the ground.

Did a great deal of graphics work today.  An e-mail blast is going out on Tuesday and we're also sending out a blast from those folks who have singed up to get updates from my webpage.

We disabled that function a couple of months ago but it's going to reinstated in the next week or so.  So those of you who want to get newsletter updates can just go to my site and sign-up.

I'll let ya know when it's up and running.

Dana and I watched "Fred Claus" tonight.  Hadn't seen that movie and we're kind of home bound these days since the bundle of joy arrived so we just popped it on and relaxed for an hour and a half.

I'm a fan of Vince Vaughn.  I think he's extremely funny, not to mention Paul Giamatti.  Pretty great cast actually, Kathy Bates, Kevin was a fun flick with a good message.



goldandcurls said…
My dog used to love the snow. Unfortunately he passed away 2 years ago and I miss him dearly. :( I love when the snow would be deep and he'd bound and jump in and out of it like a dolphin out of a wave. He was so happy and with this first snow fall, I think of him a lot. It's nice to hear about your golden, Delilah. Don't you have more than one? :) How do they get along with the baby?

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