We've extended an invitation to all Military personnel and their families to come to our December 24th show for free.  

Each year my in-laws take "dis-placed" military into their home for Christmas dinner.  And since my father in law, Lt. Gen USMC (ret), is going to be in NYC for the holidays we've decided to do the same with my concerts.  

We're working with the USO to make this happen.  

Here's the deal, the Soldier's get in to the concert for free and Sardi's is giving them a $25 credit toward their food and drink.

It's the least we can do for those that have given so much and have no place to go.


Siobhan said…
Any single military men coming ?! (Just joking) that's the show I'll be attending..maybe you can hang some mistletoe just in case huh?!
It's great that you are Sardi's are supporting our soliders they deserve only the best.
goldandcurls said…
This is so beautiful and SO respectful. :) I'm proud and honored to possibly attend a performance where some of the patrons might be those who have served our country.

Thank you, James.
- Halley

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