Sardis and Dinner

So the second day was a great show as well.  Natalie Toro was my surprise guest today.  

But don't worry...she's coming back...a couple of times.

I can't tell you all how much I'm enjoying this process.  Sharing the stage with these wonderful Broadway performers (and some who will become Broadway performers) is just terrific.  

The afternoon crowd today was quite fun and the small changes we made in the song line-up worked very well.

A few people have been asking about the best way to work out eating and seeing the show.  This is my suggestion...we made the show time at one half hour before the show actually starts so that people can be seated.

They don't want to serve during the show so we gave about 30 minutes for people to order drinks or food before the show actually began.

Here's the kicker...if you want a full meal and time to digest, I suggest that you make your dinner or meal time early about a hour before the show starts.  The concerts are on the second floor dining area of Sardis but most likely if you make a reservation you'll be eating on the lower level.

You can call Sardis to make a reservation.  Make sure you tell them that you're seeing the show after.  Click me to go to Sardis

For those of you who just plan to have a drink and or a small bit of food, coming at the appointed show time is totally fine.  You'll have time to get your drink and snack just in time for the show.

Since this is the first time for something like this (at Sardis I mean), we're learning things as we go along in terms of seating and dinner and such. 

I can't tell you all how wonderful the staff at Sardis has been. Truly professional people who love the theatre and know what they're doing when it comes to treating their patrons like gold.
I'm blessed to be hanging out with them everyday.

I have a day off are coming into town for Christmas.  It's going to be great to see them and for them to see the baby.

Look forward to seeing you at Sardis!

Oh and another great mention on by Andrew Gans.  We were on the Front Page all weekend.  Click Here

And a big thank you to Tim Hartman for spicing up his Carton caricature with a little Holiday Spirit.  Such a  talented man.


gerard763 said…
James, wonderful show today! You're voice continues to amaze me...Every song blew me away..especially, O HOLY NIGHT...and of course the "encore"...the song from TOTC...can't pick a favorite...they were all so good...I took my mom who enjoyed it so very much...sat right in front and we were the "8 maids a milking.."...Natalie was wonderful also...and Jeremy...thanks for a great Christmas present...I laughed, got teary, and just all out enjoyed myself...I bought three people tickets for today...and will come back on the 28th and on the 2nd...You're the best...
andrew said…
I have friends that are going on the 28th, and I could not stop talking about Sat night's show today at work !! They can not wait !!!

I will be back on the 27th, as well as the 30th, 1/2 & 1/3 !!

Glad to hear that so many people are enjoying the evening !!!

Truly a great gift !

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