Special Guest - 2

So the next special guest that we are announcing is...

Derek Keeling!

Derek is currently starring in Broadway's "Grease" and is gonna bring a little bit of Rock and Roll to our show.

Derek will be with me on December 24th at the 3:30 pm Christmas eve day show.

Here's a story by Andrew Gans of Playbill.com:  Click Me

Let's see, what else?  I'm meeting with Tony Walton in the morning to discuss a new project that he wants me to work on.  I'm looking forward to that.  

Tony is such an inspiration, not only as a designer, director and writer but also as a person.  He has such a rich history in the theatre (and film for that matter) and has worked with all of the greats...and I mean greats.

He is continually positive when it comes to his artistic vision and that translates into life as well.  It's truly an honor and a pleasure.


goldandcurls said…
Sounds cool. Who's gonna be singing on the 27th and the 30th? ;)
macglinda said…
My family and I are part of the Tale Family. We are excited to see Brandi, and Derek, our Fla. "Charles" as special guests. Any chance Ron Sharpe will come and sing? What a dynamic performance, you and Ron! marge

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