First Guest

So it's first guest is on December 2oth will be:

Brandi Burkhadt 

OK did everyone guess that already?  She's going to sing Santa Baby and we might even do Baby It's Cold Outside.

I'm happy she's going to my opening night guest.  Amazing person, great voice. And Santa Baby...she'll kill it!

We've got some other rockin' guests all set at a at a time.  OK maybe not, but we'll announce them later this week.

Lots of thanks to Judy Jacksina and Jamie Morris at the Jacksina Company for helping out with all of the PR.  

OK now about the Bike.  Ducati, ST3 ABS.  Amazing Bike.  I've actually had it for a couple of years.  They've discontinued making that model (don't know why it's stellar).  It's classifies as a Sport/Touring Bike.  I've ridden it long distances without too much pain (in the wrists).

I'm a Ducati fan, have been for a while.  And when the weather was warm I had the Bike shipped from our home in California.  But now with the uncertain weather on NYC...I'm putting it in winter storage until the sun come out for long durations.


Joyce said…

Thrilled to hear that Brandi will be your guest
on your opening day!

You had mentioned on December 1st, that you might have some concert posters available at Sardi's( signed of course...please say "Yes" ). Is that still a possibility?

Will your current 'James Barbour In Concert' CD also be available at Sardi's?


Edin said…
Wish I could be there opening night, would love to hear Brandi! Loved her in Tale and she will totally kill it.

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