Songs many songs to choose from.

Jeremy and I sat in the studio tonight for about four hours going through various songs.  It's tough for me because I just love so many of them.  

We're adding The Christmas Song to the list.  I have Nat King Cole (who is one of my favorite all time singers by the way) in my head.  That sound, that comforting.  We're definitely doing it.  

Also chose a key for for Oh Holy Night.  Love that song.  

And thanks everyone for your input, it really makes this what I wanted it to be, a "family" night at Sardi's.  

I also want to ask forgiveness in advance if we don't end up using some of the suggestions.  They are all tremendous, but at the end of the day we only have so much time in the program.

My the ones I don't do this year...for next year.


Lauren said…
I'm so excited for you James!!! I really wish I could go to your Holiday concert. I would so love to see you sing O Holy Night. That's a beautiful song. Good Luck at your concert James! I wish you all the best! I do hope you have fun and make a Christmas Album.

- Lauren

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