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There is a great book store (at least there was) in Roanoke, VA called "Books, Strings and Things."  I loved that place.  But then again I love most book stores.

I'm a book junky and have so many of them that I've actually put a ton in storage.  But this store in VA had a special feel to it.  It wasn't a chain, it wasn't a big commercial entity.  It had charm and warmth, almost as if inviting you to pick out a book and stay there and read it.

That's been a little dream of mine, to open up a little bookshop somewhere out of the lime light and of the beaten track.  Sharing words, sharing stories, sharing...period is what I feel makes the world a stronger place.  

If we all were to look upon each other as human beings rather than people defined by their jobs, religious beliefs or nationality or skin color I truly feel that we'd all be better off.  We all live, we all die and we all must survive in the world as we know it.  Each of us has our individual paths, our individuals lessons to learn along the way, but wouldn't it be easier if we helped one another rather than not?  

I try to look back at the end of each day and ask myself I made a difference today.  In my small way, have I attempted to make the world a better place? It's as easy as picking up a piece of trash from the ground or holding the door for someone or saying..."Can I help you" to someone who might need it.

Will it take an extra second or minute?  Maybe.  But is it worth it?  If you ask me...absolutely.

Deborah Gibson sang tonight and helped me out.  Simple act of showing up to my concerts and the bar was raised.  She's such a pro and a darn fine person to boot.  

So in 1989 at "Book, Strings and Things" I picked up a book of poetry by an author named Javan.  I turned to the last page (which I never really do) and the last page said something like this, "This is for those of you who read the last page first.  Start at the beginning and you'll have a great journey."  

So often we want to start at the end of something, to get to the finish line before we've begun. But unless we take the journey, one step at a time, or in Javan's case, one page at a time, we miss the story, we miss the journey.  And without the journey there would be nowhere to get to. We'd begin and end all in the same instant.  To me that's kinda boring even if the ride is a rocky one at first.

So thanks to "Books, Strings and Things" and thanks to my dear friend Deb Gibson for great support and lessons learned.

We have a special treat in store for tomorrows show.  My time to give back, as it were.   I'm excited about it so come on down and join in the fun and who might even get the grass skirt this time.



andrew said…
Hi James,

The show was so amazing tonight !!! Wife and I (we spoke to you after the show- hope you like the gift bag) had a blast. Great seats, right behind Jeremy, and his magical fingers!

The books are for all of the "quiet" time that you guys get at home with the little one !!!

Believe me... we feel you !!! Tonight was our 2nd "date" since our daughter was born 2 1/2 years ago !!!

It was well worth the wait. Deborah Gibson sounded so great !! Her "On My Own" was amazing !!!

Thank you so much for doing these shows, and giving everyone that has attended such a great gift for the holidays !!!

Bless you,

Andrew, Mei (and Keona Skye)
Artistic1 said…
Your post hit a spot...although I am an extremely patient human being, I become a bit impatient when I am in the middle of something I cannot define, to ease my sense of uncertainty...especially where feelings are involved, and there's a sense of deprivation and longing.
I seem to want to get to the "nitty gritty" of things, so I can erase these feelings by reaching for "solid" ground, to give me a sense of security. But I forget that life is nothing but a walk, literally, through "quicksand".
Still, having the strength and support of someone to share, emotionally, is a basic need we all have, and a blessing for those who find it and experience it to its full potential in their lives, mutually, with someone.
Thanks for your posts...
Artistic1 said…
As Jimmy Stewart found out, it is still a "wonderful life".
The upswing (and perhaps not boring) part of starting at the end of something (if it just unfolds that way) would be that, there will always be a new beginning, as it were, to look forward to :)
In this age of computers, I am so glad there are still some of us booklovers left...the "bookstore" sounds like a cozy idea...
Artistic1 said…
...but, for this idea of doing something else, the world would miss out on a gifted entertainer and unique, amazing voice to also be shared...

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