Baby It's Cold Outside

And it was today.

I spent most of the day in the studio and working on marketing for the concerts.

We've got posters up at Sardi's and there are now advertisements on the tables there as well.

I added a couple more tunes to the mix today..."Mele Kalikimaka" is definitely in.  I used to listen to Bing Crosby sing that song on an old LP we had.  

For those of you out there to young to know what an LP is, picture a CD but bigger and black like the size of a frisbee that plays on a record player...a record player for those of you who are too young...ahhh never mind.  It a vicious circle and I'm starting to feel old.  (Just kindin' to you youngin's out there).

Plus last year Dana and I spent Christmas in Hawaii so there's some history there.

We're very close to announcing guests.  We have four definitely confirmed...with other set to do it but waiting to find a the right night.


Sally said…
Do you want wider publicity, than just at Sardi's? Maybe you should add your concerts/dates to the events calendar on the Broadway World site.
jiujiu said…
Oh, I think I heard that song sung by Haley westenra...nice song!! I can't wait to know who your guest are gonna be *_*
Unknown said…
I enjoy your blog. It's nice to have an inside view of the "artist" at work. Would love to see a post of the family Christmas pic. I have 3 sons and two of them really loved the Baby Einstein series when they were infants. Baby Bach and Baby Van Gogh were their favorites. Keep up the good work and put another CD out soon! Holiday music, broadway, the best songs from the shows that you've been in...whatever! Just do it!
Unknown said…
I hope you and Brandi are planning to sing that (Baby, it's cold outside) when she's there :D

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