I am excited to announce my next guest for the December 27th concert.

Recording Artist and Broadway Star...

Deborah Gibson

Deborah is not only a great talent but a great friend.  I'm extremely happy that she's agreed to come and sing a song or two with me on December 27th.  This is one night you'll just have to come and see.

I got lucky that Deborah is going to be in NYC over the Holidays working on some other cool projects she's got going on.  And thankfully she had a night free to stop by.

We first crossed paths through Disney's Beauty and The Beast.  She had just wrapped up her run as 'Belle' on Broadway and I was coming into Broadway from the LA production to play the 'Beast.'  We just hit it off and have been friends ever since.

When I was doing my show, Back From Broadway, in Boston with Hershey Felder,  Deb stopped by there one night and sang with us in the encores.  It's always great to share the stage with talented friends.

So here's the link again for tickets:   Click Me

As I said...you'll never know who will stop by or be sitting next to you.

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Here's another great story y Andrew Gans at Playbill.com


goldandcurls said…
Yayyy! That's my night. :).. Well one of the two. I can't wait to hear her sing. :) You guys will sound amazing together.
jiujiu said…
Wow, What a great news! I just envy those who will be able to hear you sing together! *_*
Your website look awesome, I've already subscribed! :D

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