The Stars Align

We're on the move.  Three stories by three major sites.

I'm looking forward to getting started.  I'm hoping that everyone enjoys themselves.  I really want this to be a laid back atmosphere, kind of how I live my life these days.

I've extended invitations for any of my other industry type friends to stop by and sing a sing a song or tell a story, or just hang out.  I mean why not, it's sort of what Sardi's is all about.

Not sure if the general populace knows this or not, but on Wednesday's between shows, Sardi's has what's called the Actor's Menu.  So on any given Wednesday if you trek to the second floor you might just catch a glimpse of a star or two eating dinner.  

Such history.  I'm happy that they've allowed me to be a part of the great tradition.

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gerard763 said…
Hey James...can't wait for the concert...I have tickets for the 21st...the 28th...and now I just bought two more for the 2nd...I plan on having a wonderful time...and wanted to compliment u on the way this whole concert has been set up...very organized...very detailed...very least from the outside looking are to be congratulated on that!!! Two of the dates I am going don't seem to have surprise guests...(not that it matters, I could listen to you sing all day)...I am also bringing my mom...she is currently have some issues with her health, and i figured it would be a nice introduction to this year's Christmas / Holiday season...Best and can't wait to hear you...gerard
Artistic1 said…
Break a leg tonight...I hope you contemplate video recording these concerts, as the sum total should make up for a great holiday "video CD" for the future (I think we all would love that).

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