Answering Your Questions

James does read the comments when he has time. He is crazy busy but loves reading everything you have to say. He wanted to answer some of the questions so asked if I could go through and find them so he could answer them all.

If I missed any, please feel free to post them in the comments and I will try to get answers next time he has a few seconds to answer questions:

Q. Where do I go after the show to get your autograph?
You can come to the stage door area after the show and wait there. It might take a few minutes for me to come out... but rest assured I'll be out there and would love to meet each an every one of you!

Q. Did you have a major part in Brandi being introduced as part of the TALE cast?
I wouldn't say that I had a major part in Brandi becoming a part of TALE. When I got back to NY for rehearsals I had dinner with Brandi and Frank Wildhorn to discuss an upcoming project. The conversation drifted to TALE and I mentioned that we had yet to find our "Luci." I then asked Brandi if she had gone in to audition and she said that she had not. All I did was make a call to the casting director and she did the rest!

Q. Did you also help acquire the Hirschfeld Theatre as Tale's residence on Broadway?
I didn't really help in getting the Hirschfeld. I did have a hand indirectly in getting the Asolo as I introduced the artistic director of the Asolo to the show and that was that...

Q. What is happening with recording the OBC (Original Broadway Cast of A Tale of Two Cities) CD?
There was something posted on the backstage call board about possible recording dates in early October!

Q. Is your "Love Songs" Cd available? If not, will it be in the future?
The LOVE SONGS CD is still in the works. I've been recording with Frank Wildhorn so much on other projects that I seem to have let my own slip a bit. It WILL indeed be available, as soon as we finish it.

Q. Are you real?
I am indeed real... at least I think I am.

Update: I added the definition of OBC (Original Broadway Cast) to the question since it can be a little confusing when you don't know the slang.


Rae said…
Hi James and Edin,

It was great reading your answers
this morning. I look forward to this blog every day.
I would like to know when "The Tale" CD is going to be recorded and released. I will be first on line for it.
Have an awesome day.
jiujiu said…
thank you for this post! Now that I know that the " Love songs" Cd is still on work and "Tale" 's recording dates are rumored for october, I can't wait! *_*

" Are you real?
I am indeed real... at least I think I am. "

I've been doubting it till now! :P
Athena said…
Ja, ja! My question "Are you real?" was a "rhetorical question", but thanks for your answer. I'm delighted :) I can see you read all our comments in spite of your work and time with your family. You have a little moment for us!

On the other hand, I want to know the same thing that rae: When "A tale of two cities" CD is going to be recorded and released?

I will wait for your answer. ;) Thank you.
Athena said…
Ok! My question is answered. Thanks!
Artistic1 said…
Athena, I didn't think of your question as "rhetorical". A lot of people (and nothing to do with being an actor), live a "reel life", as oppossed to a real one. So, it was well asked, I can assure you.
Artistic1 said…
My question about about influencing in the acquisition of the Hirschfeld: I know that ultimately it is not up to you to make the final decision in these matters, but what I was asking was, did you at least suggest or recommend it, or perhaps found it for the producers, and then they decided whether or not to acquire it? Any influence at all?
I think of the Hirschfeld as a very romantic theatre, perfect for this show, and perhaps you thought the same. I did find it a bit smaller than I thought, though.
Artistic1 said…
While I am at it, here are some more questions:
Another poster had asked (without an answear), if you had "timed" the arrival of your baby to more or less be at the time of the official opening of Tale, or was the whole thing (pregnancy, that is) not planned at all?
When did you actually get married? A friend says it was August 2007(?).
Was the uncle who recently passed away from your Mom's or Dad's side of the family? My condolances here, it is hard to go through such a loss. When I was there (Aug. 29th)I saw a man who had a strong resemblance with you. I wonder if he was another one of your uncles. He was with a short, blonde lady with hair shoulder level.
And, how is Buddha doing? I hope he's feeling better by now. I hate to see animals suffering or sick, it breaks my heart.
BTW, I think today is when your baby is actually 1 month old (28th). Unless you count the month with 31 days, and then it would be tommorrow. Time does go by flying, but sometimes I find we tend to accelerate it...

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