I walked out of the stage door today after the matinee yesterday and standing across the street from the theatre was a large group of people who had just seen the show. They were there waiting for their bus back to Pennsylvania (PA).

They waved and I walked over to chat with them. It's was an Arts Group from Westchester, PA who had come to the city to see our show... and they LOVED it! All of them. I like talking with folks who have seen the show because it reminds me of just why I do what I do.

I then walked to dinner and was met by 6 women from NJ who had also just seen the show. They still had tears in their eyes and expressed to me how moved they were by the story. I sat with them while I waited for my meal (Salmon... remember fish for dinner on the Phil Goglia plan) and these wonderful women echoed the same sentiment that the group of 50 from PA did.

These are theatre goers... not tourists and they were all moved by the show.

I mention this out of gratitude. So often, from the stage, we hear only the audience response, laughter, applause... what have you, but to actually sit and have folks describe to me what they are experiencing on a visceral level when they see our show really brings it home. It means the world to me. It's why we do it!

This cast is so dedicated to the journey that TALE brings to the stage every night and it's nice to know that the effort is making a difference.

So thanks to the folks from New Jersey and Pennsylvania for making me smile today.

Hope to see the rest of you at the Stage Door!


btchdjrosie4 said…

I have to say i say you yesterday! I took my grandmother and her group of friends to see the show! All 22, inclueding me all loved have such a great voice! very moving! The women all talked about how they have not seen a good show in such a long time! so thank you for making their day and mine! That was great!
cdupler said…
Hi, James.
I just wanted to say that I had seen you in TALE on August 30th and I was hysterically crying as the curtain went down. You are truly inspiring and you have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard on a live stage. It has been my dream to accomplish what you have....I hope to be on Broadway in the near future. I actually waited at the stage door for you and got your autograph. Natalie Toro also took me on the actual stage where I got to meet Warren as well. She saw the passion in my eyes and realized that I was very serious about this. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work! You are terrific and I hope to follow your footsteps someday...but for now, I'm doing the best I can with my highschool shows! Haha.
Saule said…
wow. i love how you set up your blog format. it looks SO COOL!!
Kathryn said…
Let's hope these two groups go back home and tell their friends to see the show!
Here's a link to the Tale commercial on Youtube:
It looks great!
Rae said…
Hi James,

Well, it's Rae again. Sorry, but I am an avid fan. I read this blog every day and I enjoy writing to you. I must confess- I can't wait until Oct. 11th to see the show for the third time, so my husband,
Evan and I will be there on Tuesday night, September 30th. We will wait for you by the stage door, and hopefully we will get to meet you.
See you then!
jiujiu said…
Hello! This last post was beautiful to read, for those are the exact words I would love to say myself one day, and this is why I'm trying my best. You're truly an inspiration, thank you!

ps: thank you, kathryn! The tv commercial looks great!!!! *_* it makes me want to see the show ( I know it is actually its purpose :P ) more than ever!!!!
Artistic1 said…
It is very nice that you took time to acknowledge these people. Besides how you benefit from the feedback on the show and your performance, you never know if one of these folks might not be here tommorrow, and you just gave them a sweet memory to take with them.
The world is a topsy, turvy place. To comment on your reflection about "keep walking", just remember not to walk "too fast" that you might leave behind some people who really care about you, and who might make, or have made, a difference in your life. Before you realize it, they are gone.

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